Google Tricks Amazing 5

There are quite a few nifty Google tricks that many of us are not aware of.

We use Google everyday. We take Google for granted. However these Google tricks make our life that much more easier. And funnier.

Google Trick 1 - Askew

Type askew in Google bar and see what happens.

Google Trick Askew

Yes your page goes askew.

Google Trick 2 - Recursion

Recursion happens when something repeats in a self similar way. For example, a toothpaste pack may feature an actress with a picture of herself holding the same toothpaste pack. And so on.

Type recursion in google and see what happens. This is for all nerdy folks. :)

Google Trick Recursion
Google Trick 3 - Set Timer

Want a quick time. Type something like "Set timer to 9 minutes and 15 seconds" and Google will oblige.

Google Trick Set Timer

Google Trick 4 - Food Comparison

Hungry? Confused between oats and pizza? Type oats vs pizza in Google search bar. Then make an informed choice.

Google Trick Food Comparison

Google Trick 5 - Do a Barrel Roll

Type Do a Barrel Roll in google search bar and hit enter.

Enjoy as your page does a barrel roll.

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