Humorous Encounters on A Normal Day in Medieval Europe

Hi Friends. My name is Percyvallus. I am from Medieval Europe. I will tell you what a normal day in Medieval Europe is like.

I wake up in the morning and look out of the window. A thoroughly frustrated and pissed off sun looks back at me what with weird shapes floating around him.

Day in Medieval Europe Pissed Off Sun

I ask my friend the Thinker Monkey. What ho! What shalt the weather be?

Day in Medieval Europe Thinking Monkey

Weather will be normal, he says. Burning hot with fiery flames and chance of severed animal legs.

Day in Medieval Europe Two headed dog

He also warns that the murderous rabbit is on the prowl again looking for human flesh to assuage his hunger and blood-lust.

Day in Medieval Europe Murderous Rabbit

I shudder with fear. I leave my house and proceed to my office with caution. I get accosted by a fart spewing medieval creature. But I defend myself ably.

Day in Medieval Europe Farting Creature

A normal start to a normal day in medieval Europe.

I reach my office. It is a tiny, cramped, dirty, unhygienic place where I have to engage in bone-crushing and back-breaking manual labor all day every day while crouching in the most uncomfortable and undignified manner imaginable.

Day in Medieval Europe Cramped Office

After a hard day's work I head to the nearest circus, the only entertainment in medieval Europe. I enjoy today's special - two headless men balancing on a tightrope with their heads held in their hands.

Day in Medieval Europe Headless Acrobats

After much medieval merriment, I desire some soothing music. I head to the usual joint to enjoy the violin performance of the lion with the erect tail.

Day in Medieval Europe Lion with Violin

 This is followed by the melodious melody of the melancholic cat who wears a shirt but no pants.

Day in Medieval Europe Melancholic Cat

Finally I head back home after a normal day in medieval Europe and find on my rooftop some cats and rabbits fighting each other with poison arrows.

Home sweet home.

Day in Medieval Europe cats and rabbits

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  1. ha ha good job my friend

  2. Really Liked it !

  3. wow... thoroughly enjoyed reading this Subhodeep :-) thanks for sharing...
    cheers, Archana -

    1. Thanks a lot Archana! I am so glad you found this enjoyable. Cheers to you too.

  4. This is very interesting. The pictures are marvelous and so is the story that goes along with them. Yes medieval Europe would have been a far cry from the Europe that we know today.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Somali ! You are right - medieval Europe would have been a far cry from today's Europe and some of the pictures are really weird :)

  5. This is so hilarious. Very creative on your part.

    (May be you can give some info about the pics where you have taken them in brackets below them.)

    1. Thanks Indrani! Am glad you found it funny :)

      Thanks for the pointer on the images - generally I mention the source below images. But in this specific instances, the images were pretty much common across all the sites I mentioned at then end. But I'll definitely keep your tip in mind in my future posts.


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