3 Shocking Facts about Babur

Babur was a conqueror terrorist from Central Asia who founded the Mughal Dynasty in India. Babur is notorious for demolishing the Ram Temple at Ayodhya and building Babri Masjid there.

Babur is rightly to be called the founding father of communal tension in India and he is responsible for all communal riots even today.

Here are some more unbelievable shocking facts about barbarian Babur in his own words from Baburnama or Tuzuk-i-Baburi which has been praised for its eloquence by First Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru.*

Shocking Facts about Babur - Massacre

Shocking Facts about Babur - Massacre
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Babur used to massacre innocent people wherever he went.
  • Chanderi had been in the daru'l-harb [Hindu rule] for some years and held by Sanga's highest-ranking officer Meidini Rao, with four or five thousand infidels, but in 934 [1527-28], through the grace of Allah, I took it by force within a ghari or two, massacred the infidels, and brought it into the bosom of Islam ... (p 331; emphasis added.) 
  • "We made general massacre of the Pagans in it and, as will be narrated, converted what for many years had been a mansion of hostility, into a mansion of Islam."
  • "Countless numbers of the bodies of pagans and apostates who had fallen in their flight, lay on the road as far as Blana, indeed as far as Alwar and Mewat".

Shocking Facts about Babur - Beheading Games
Babur loved to behead people.
  • "Our people brought down some of them, and cut off their heads which they sent me."
  • "As we did not intend to fight that day ... made a few pagans prisoner, cut off and brought in their heads. ... By these successes the hearts of our men became very strong" 
  • "so many were beheaded .. tent was three times shifted because of the number of the dead."
Shocking Facts about Babur - Beheading Games
Image: Gurmat

On one occasion, the ground flowed with so much blood and became so full of quivering carcases that his tent had to be moved thrice to a higher level.

Shocking Facts about Babur - Head Stacks
Babur loved to create stack of pagan (Hindu, Afghan, Buddhist, Jain) heads. He loved to sit in his royal tent to watch this spectacle.
  • Those our men had brought in as prisoners were ordered to be beheaded and a pillar of their heads was set up in our camp.
  • An order was given to set up a pillar of pagan heads on the infant-hill {koh-bachd) between which and our camp the battle had been fought.
  • A pillar of pagan-heads was ordered set up on a hill north-west of Chandir
Shocking Facts about Babur - Head Stacks
 Image: Sikh History

*Here is what Nehru said: "Babur was one of the most cultured and delightful persons one could meet. There was no sectarianism in him, no religious bigotry, and he did not destroy as his ancestors used to."

Yeah, right.

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