Books to Learn Sanskrit

Books to Learn Sanskrit
People often ask me to refer some books to learn Sanskrit at intermediate to advanced level. There are many books out there, both old and new. Some Sanskrit books are for beginners whereas others are for the more advanced readers. In this post I talk about some great books to learn Sanskrit.

Earlier I had discussed 5 good books to learn Sanskrit for beginner to intermediate level students.

Below I have down a review and analysis of top 2 books to learn Sanskrit at an intermediate level.

1. Books to Learn Sanskrit - Sanskrit Grammar

Sanskrit Grammar by R. G. Bhandarkar

Short Review of Sanskrit Grammar
  • Published by Bharatiya Kala Prakashan.
  • It is a very good book to learn Sanskrit Grammar.
  • Grammar Rules are presented in an easy manner.
  • Sanskrit tenses are explained in detail.
  • Gender is covered in a thorough manner.
  • Very easy to navigate from lesson to lesson.
  • Lucid and easy to read.

2. Best Book to Learn Sanskrit - Second Book of Sanskrit

Second Book of Sanskrit by Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandrakar

Short Review of Second Book of Sanskrit
  • Follows traditional Hindu Grammar style as adopted by Bhattoji Dikshita in Siddhantakaumudi.
  • Very methodical. Step by step coverage of topics.
  • Examples & exercises are very good, but little to no explanation.
  • Tone is however quite dry.
  • Covers irregularities belonging to 1st, 4th, 6th and 10th conjugations.
  • Second, third, fifth, seventh, eight and ninth conjugation is discussed in details.
  • First and second future is covered in details.
  • Discussion of comparative and superlative.
  • Discusses Sanskrit compounds - Dvandva, tatpurusha, bahuvrihi and avyayibhava

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