Colors of Onion

colors of onion - Onion Pakoda
Onion Pakoda

Do you often reflect on the various colors of onion? Do you spend sleepless nights and teary eyed evenings peeling onions and thinking on this?

If you do, then worry not for the Tiny Man is here to dispel all your doubts on various colors of onions. Why onions all  of a sudden you might ask?

Background on colors of onions

Throughout my childhood and adolescent life, I knew of only one color of onion. Pink. Sometimes they tasted very pungent and sometimes very mild and tasty. I would get confused.

But an onion pakdoa always tasted good. Although confused, I never really bothered about the color.

Then I went to US. Lo and behold! The only onions I saw were white. Or yellow. Or greenish.

But definitely not pink. Or red. Nowhere even close to red.

 And no onion pakodas.

Then I did some research. I am presenting the results now, after 8 years. There are 3 colors of onions.

1. Colors of onions - Red Onions

Colors of onions - Red Onions Source

Red onions are actually purple in color. They are mostly used in non-cooked dishes such as salads and sandwiches. It is also used in grilling.

2. Colors of onions - Yellow or Brown Onions

Colors of onions - Yellow Onions Brown Onions

Yellow onions are used for cooking curries, stews and soups. They are full-flavored and are the onions of choice for everyday use.

Yellow onions have a yellow-brown papery skin on the outside and a white flesh.

3. Colors of onions - White Onions

Colors of onions - White Onions

White onions are milder than yellow onions and are completely white inside and outside. They are commonly used in Mexican cuisines.

Wikipedia on Onions

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  1. Interesting information on Onion. That pakoda is very nice. mouth watering

  2. Whatever the colour of the onion pakoda certainly looks good.

  3. Price of onions is a political weapon in India!

    1. Very true. Onions can make or break a government in India.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. :)
    Yeah seriously. Now when am in a Safeway I find myself wondering which one to take home that day. I've found that the white ones are good for certain dishes, so sometimes I pick up a couple of them along with the bag of reds. :)

    And now I've learned to make pretty good onion pakodas too. ;)

    Nice post, Subhodeep. :)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. So glad you liked it !

      While I never learnt how to make pakodas, I have perfected the art of eating them. :)


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