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If you are one of those rare breed of people who spend sleepless nights tearing their hair out thinking about questions like why carrots are orange, why jelly and jam are not the same and other fun food facts, you can now heave a sigh of relief.

I will share with you some amazing fun food facts that will fertilize your grey cells and produce productive thoughts.

#1 Fund Food Fact
Why is Buffalo Wing called so?

Fun Food Facts Buffalo Wings
Image Source : fodmapliving

Buffalo Wings are so called because they originated in Buffalo, New York. They have nothing to do with buffaloes or bison. Buffaloes do not have wings. Source

#2 Fund Food Fact
Jelly and jam are different.

Fun Food Facts Jelly Jams Different
Image Source: wikia

Jelly is made from fruit juice. Jam is made from crushed juiced. Source.

#3 Fund Food Fact
Purple carrots.

Fun Food Facts Purple Carrots
Image Source: Centralsynagogue

Carrots used to be purple historically. In 1600 AD the Dutch started breeding orange carrots to match their flag color.

A 2000 BC temple drawing in Egypt shows purple carrot. Source.

#4 Fund Food Fact
Orange is from Sanskrit.

Fun Food Facts Orange Sanskrit
Image Source: Vedicsciences

The color orange is derived from the fruit orange. The fruit orange originated in India and was known as naranga in Sanskrit. Arabs called it naranja. Naranja became arangia in Italy. Arangia became orange in Britain. Source.

#5 Fund Food Fact
Orange Skin.

Fun Food Facts Orange Skin carotenemia
Image Source: freepik

Eating too many carrots will make your skin turn orange. This harmless condition known as carotenemia is reversible.

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