How High Can An Elephant Jump?

I often retire to the lofty heights of my roof top atop Banjara Hills and think about deep questions like how high can an elephant jump?

Then I look to google for responses. Do you also retire to high places and think high thoughts?

Then worry not, because I have come with a single mission. To clarify all your questions of how high can anything jump.

How high can a kangaroo jump?

How high can a kangaroo jump?
Image: Pixabay

A kangaroo can jump 6 feet in a single leap.

How high can a tiger jump?

Image: dailymail

A tiger can jump 10 ft high normally and spring upto 20 feet when in full flight.

How high can a cat jump?

Image: dailymail

A cat can jump around 5 feet.

How high can an elephant jump?

They can't. Source.

Image Source: ididntknow

How high can a flea jump?

Image:"Flea Scanning Electron Micrograph False Color" by CDC/Janice Haney Carr - This media comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Image Library (PHIL), with identification number #11436.Note: Not all PHIL images are public domain; be sure to check copyright status and credit authors and content providers.English | Slovenščina | +/−. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

A flea can jump 100 times its height. In other words, if a flea were a person, it could jump 160 feet high.

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  1. Superb!! Didn't know that a tiger can jump much higher than a kangaroo.

  2. Interesting ..yes I do have the same doubt for a long time.Thanks for sharing.

  3. interesting... :-)

  4. Wow! that was interesting to know. :)

  5. I'm amazed that the tiger can jump higher than a kangaroo! Who knew!

  6. Interesting read...didnt know this fact!

  7. In sporting movements, such as running and jumping, muscles go from “zero to one hundred” very quickly, where in traditional up and down lifting, this process is much more gradual. how to jump higher


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