Colors of Carrots

Colors of Carrots

If you are one of those rare breed of people who spend sleepless nights tearing their hair out thinking about different colors of carrots, you can now heave a sigh of relief. Deliverance is near.

I will share with you some amazing information about colors of carrots that will colorize your grey cells and produce colorful thoughts.

#1 Colors of Carrots - Orange Carrots

Colors of Carrots Orange Carrot

Image Source : healthbenefitstimes

Orange Carrots are rich in Vitamin A. They are good for our eyes and for our immune system.

#2 Colors of Carrots - Yellow Carrots

Colors of Carrots Yellow Carrot

Image Source: amazon

Yellow Carrots are good for our eyes. They also help in preventing cancerous tumorous growth.

#3 Colors of Carrots - Red Carrots

Colors of Carrots Red Carrot

Image Source: organicseed
Red carrots assist in stopping heart diseases.

#4 Colors of Carrots - Purple Carrots

Colors of Carrots Purple Carrots
Image Source: Centralsynagogue

Purple Carrots are powerful anti-oxidants. Antioxidants aid in preventing diseases like cancer, heart ailments and altitude sickness.

#5 Colors of Carrots - White Carrots
Colors of Carrots White Carrot

Image Source: healthybenefits

White carrots are white. They have no health benefits.

Featured Image Source: broadforkfarm

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  1. Seeing the yellow and purple carrots for the first time.Are they available in India?

    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Thanks for the comment! To my knowledge in India we get mostly orange and red carrots. Even I've never seen yellow or purple carrots.

  2. those white ones are mooli :P :)

    1. I had exactly the same thought initially! Then I found that White Carrot looks similar to Mooli except that it is less rounded. And they belong to different biological families.
      What is the Difference between White Carrot and Raddish?

      But your point is very well taken :)

  3. We were ordering vegetables on grofers yesterday. My mom asked, "what does he mean by 'orange carrots'? aren't carrots always orange?" Now I can show her this!

    1. Glad to know that Vaidy! :) Glad that some people are finding my articles useful.

  4. Haven't seen a yellow or a purple carrot yet. :)

    1. Neither have I. Some people also say that historically all carrots were purple!


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