House That Looks Like Something Else

Sometimes I wake up in the middle on the night and starting searching for a house that looks like a face, or a house that looks like grapes. Does this ailment afflict you also?

If it does, then you have come to the right place.

1. House that Looks like a Face
House That Looks Like a Face

Image Courtesy: Crendonhouse

2. House that Looks like a ShipHouse That Looks Like a Ship

Image Courtesy: Worldnomads

3. House that Looks like a Dog
House That Looks Like a Dog

Image Courtesy: thisoldhouse

4. House that Looks like a Chicken
House that Looks like a Chicken

Image Courtesy:

5. House that Looks like Mike Tyson

The resemblance to Mike Tyson's teeth are remarkable. Image Courtesy:

-- END --

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  1. wow this is great

  2. hahahaha! had a good laugh looking at the house pretending to be Mike Tyson :) Always enjoy your posts, Subhodeep! Keep 'em coming :)

    1. Thanks a lot! couldn't resist myself with the mike tyson house - almost gave his pic for comparison, then thought otherwise :)

  3. Good collection. There is one inverted house in Malaysia.

    1. Thanks! Shall include that in a future update.

  4. Mike Tyson! :) The shoe house in Mumbai can be added to the list ( though its not an actual house).

    1. Thanks a lot. Shall add it to the next installment. :)


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