Lies about Dadri Incident and the return of Sahitya Akademi Awards

Lies about Dadri Incident and the return of Sahitya Akademi Awards

In this article I will expose the lies surrounding Dadri Incident and the return of Sahitya Akademi Awards.

At the onset let me be very clear, what happened at Dadri was wrong, I do not support it, I do not support killings and I do not eat beef, and bear no ill-will to anybody who eats differently as long as the Rule of the Land and sentiments of the majority are respected.

My starting point for this article is Desh Kapoor's wonderful piece "Return of Sahitya Akademi and Incestuous Networks of Indian Intellectuals" where he talks about the nexus that exists among dishonest "intellectuals" and how they use the government to further their selfish desire for money, fame and self-aggrandizement and how this affects the national discourse and self-image of Indians. If you have not read the article yet, please do so.

I have picked one specific point from that and would like to take it to its logical end. I want to highlight the anti-national leanings and actions of these so-called "intellectuals", and how it is harming the self-interest of our Great Nation India. To do that we must get the background very clear.

Background of Cattle-Theft in and around Dadri
Dadri has been reeling under cattle theft and cow slaughter incidents for quite some time. Here are some articles in Hindi and English from as shared by TheNationalistView on Facebook  and other sources like Indian Express.

Lies about Dadri Incident and the return of Sahitya Akademi Awards - Hindu shot dead

Later all references to cattle-theft were deleted from all social networking sites by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

Dadri Incident
In this backdrop the Dadri indent occurred.

As per TheNationalistView "people killed a suspected cattle thief after they found meat lying near his house."

The below extract is from Wikipedia as retrieved on 16-Oct-2015, 12:47 PM.
2015 Dadri mob lynching refers to case of mob lynching in which a mob of people attacked a Muslim family on the night of 28 September 2015 in Bisara village near Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, India. The attackers killed 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq Saifi (Ikhlaq according to some sources) and seriously injured his son, 22-year-old Danish.

Dadri Presstitude Media Circus

Lies about Dadri Incident and the return of Sahitya Akademi Awards - Indian Media

If the victim had been a Hindu or if Indian media were not so dishonest, "Irate Mob lynches suspected cattle-thief in Dadri" would have been the news headline, which in itself is shocking and heinous.

Instead Indian media reported the incident as below.

The White Western media was quick to latch on.
Main stream media worldwide screamed "Frenzied Hindu mob kills Muslim man over beef in rising Hindu fundamentalism in India".

Morally Depraved and Corrupt Intellectuals and Dishonest Media

 Lies about Dadri Incident and the return of Sahitya Akademi Awards - Corrupt Intelllectuals

Immediately after Dadri, the winners of the Sahitya Akademi Awards started returning their awards as a "protest" against plight of minorities in India. When you read Desh Kapoor's article it will become clear the level to which moral depravity has spread among the so-called "intellectuals" and the level they will stoop to in their greed for money, fame and power.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has rightly described it as a "manufactured paper rebellion" against the government "in the wake of a manufactured crisis". 

The good thing is that no one cares about about these self-proclaimed and self-anointed protector of Indian morality and self-declared defender of freedom to eat beef, the "academics" - the leftist pro-Islamist morally-bereft scumbags.

Their ilk even organized a beef eating party where a guy was beaten up for not eating beef.

Another good thing is that within India, except for some English speaking people in 5 or 6 metro cities who watch presstitude channels like NDTV, Times Now etc, (less than 1% of Indian population), no one cares about the Akademi Award.

The bad side is that these ideological descendants of Macaulay parrot all type of anti-India and anti-Hindu tripe and just wait for such events, and help shape the international discourse. Now that is the worrying part.

Most media companies in India are owned by either Saudi Islamists or the White Generic Church. They and their cabal of white Christians of the ilk of Joshua Project in the west and arm-chopping suited-Islamists of Saudi Arab middle-east help create a discourse where frenzied Hindu mobs seems hell-bent on exterminating the victimized minorities.

This is adversely impacting our nation's image. Traitors like NDTV and leftist-academician are willing to sell their country to achieve their vested interests.

Lies about Dadri Incident and the return of Sahitya Akademi Awards - Barkha Dutt Husband Kashmiri Extremist
 Image Courtesy: nationalviews

Unless we come up with an alternative discourse to handle presstitude anti-Hindu and anti-India media both in India and abroad, the likes of pro-Pakistani Barkha Dutt (her husband was a Kashmiri extremist FYI) and anti-Hindu Sanjoy Majumder of BBC, will continue to rule the roost.

Ironically another person died next week in the same area, a Hindu named Jay Prakash. But there was hardly any inquiry or media coverage.

Further Reading
To know more about Joshua Project and how the Generic Church plans to convert India to a Christian nation by discrediting Hinduism read this article by Radha Rajan.

About Arm-chopping and rapist Saudis's the less said the better. Read this and this.

--- END ----

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  1. Hi Subhodeep - Thanks so much for sharing this link! Love the article and the way you have put together all the facts in one place! People like you should write more and share your writing on larger portals. What you have put together in terms of the timeline hasn't been shared by the MSM, and that in itself is a strike against their basic integrity.

    Kudos! Keep it up! Be assured that I will be a regular reader of your blog here on :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Desh! Glad you liked it. :)

      I generally do not write long-form articles, as I am not very good at that. But this Dadri and Sahitya Akademi incident made me force myself to sit, get all the points together, establish the timelines and put things into perspective. Plus your piece on gave me the right impetus to get going.

      Our MSM has the habit of taking things out of context and making sweeping generalizations that affect our self-worth as a nation. The lynching was a horrendous crime, but attributing a religious motive to it without investigation and completely ignoring the background context was completely irresponsible IMHO.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Cheers!

  2. Well said. There is growing frustration among religious brokers who are unable to run their conversion business like usual. They are trying their level best with their presstitute friends to create chaos. I have turned to twitter for my daily dose of news instead of the paid media and TOIlet papers.

    1. Thanks. Main stream media is slowly losing its credibility. They are trying their best to do everything to show India in a bad light. Shameful thing to do.

  3. Looks like everyone has an agenda and the truth gets buried in the storm. I no longer no know what or whom to believe. I only know that in the frenzy of human greed, honesty and interest in the larger good seems to be non-existent. I, too, read Desh's article and now after reading this, I worry that there is no intellectual honesty in India.

    1. Very true. Unbiased news is very hard to come by these days. As you rightly said, everybody has an agenda and views and incident through colored lenses (red, green etc).

      Ideally media should share facts and allow public to form an opinion. Rather they share some preconceived opinion and pick and choose facts to suit their narrative.

      Very sad state of affairs.

  4. Thank you for writing this important piece. It is really a sad situation that in a country that worshipped the pursuit of knowledge and truth we are seeing such intellectual dishonesty, such horrible greed for name and fame by the so-called "intellectuals" and "writers".

    1. Correct. Things like factual investigation,objectivity, unbiased viewpoints are getting lost in a quagmire of self-serving politics by MSM (main stream media), who in fact I would go so far to say, are doing things which are mostly of anti-national nature.

  5. Now I well understood in extending details thanks @subhodeep .Some of the NDTV news anchor and spouse/relatives in congress party and partly owned by working congress member.I see somewhere She was awarded with the Padma Sri by the Congress government over the coverage of 2004 Tsunami, which was a big Joke.

    1. Thanks Vipul! You made a very good point on the Tsunami coverage.

      Also note that those who returned the awards did not return the 26lakhs rewards, to my understanding. Hypocrites.

  6. What happened in Dadri was an act of terrorism, plain and simple.

  7. All these events are part of a greater plan of Breaking India... The aim is simple... Brainwash Hindu's so much so that they start doubting their own religion, culture, practices.... After this, the game is simple... Simply divide Hindu society into Caste, creed, geography, language etc etc and then you are assured that no single nationalistic force will come to power and take decisions in the larger interest of the country.... fortunately 2014 has happened and tables have turned... The fun starts now.... Keep up the good work SM...


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