7 Amazing Facts about Mitanni Kingdom

In this post I will talk share 7 Amazing Facts about Mitanni Kingdom. The Mittani ruled Northern Mesopotamia (region roughly comprising of Islamic Syria, northern Islamic Iraq and western Islamic Iran) from 1600 BC to 1300 BC.

Based on the information below it will be obvious that the Mitanni kingdom was a dynasty of Indian origin Vedic kings of the middle-east.

Fact about Mitanni Kingdom #1 - The Mittani Kings worshiped Vedic Gods. Their main Gods were Mitra, Varuna, Indra and Nasatya (Ashvins) – Gods found in Rig Veda.

Fact about Mitanni Kingdom #2 - The Mittani Kings all had Indian Sanskritic names despite staying so far away in middle-east.
  • Sutarna I meaning Good Sun
  • Baratarna I (Paratarna in Sanskrit) meaning Great Sun
  • Parasukastara meaning ruler with axe
  • Saustatar (Sauksutra in Sanskrit) meaning the good ruler
  • Paratarna II
  • Artadama (Sanskrit Ritadhaman) meaning ine who follows cosmic laws
  • Sutarna II
  • Tushratta (Dasharatha in Sanskrit)
  • Matiwazz (Mativaja in Sanskrit)
Amazing Facts about Mitanni Kingdom Seal of Shaustatar
 Image Courtesy: Looklex

Fact about Mitanni Kingdom #3 - The chief festival of the Mittani was the visuva (solstice) just like in India.

Fact about Mitanni Kingdom #4 - A text by Mittanian known as Kikkuli uses numbers like aika (eka), tera (tri), panza (pancha), satta (sapta) which are clearly Sanskrit.

Fact about Mitanni Kingdom #5 -  Another Mitanni text uses words for colors like babru (babhru meaning brown), parita (palita meaning grey) and pinkara (pingala meaning red).

Fact about Mitanni Kingdom #6 - Their capital was a place of Wassukani (Vasukhani in Sanskrit) meaning a “mine of wealth”.

Fact about Mitanni Kingdom #7 - Mitanni warriors were known as marya which is a proper Sanskrit term.

Many scientists surmise that during the catastrophic drying of the Saraswati river in north-western Indian sub-continent in 2000 BC, many Indian people moved West.

The Mitanni could be one of the Indian Hindu aristocracies who went west and settled in Western Iran to establish their own kingdom and ruled for 500 years!

Mahabharata and the Sapta Sindhu Tradition, by Prof Subhah Kak
Featured Image Courtesy: Metmuseum

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