Was Islamic Emperor Babur Gay? Or was Babur impotent?

Emperor Babur Gay Saudi Men 
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I don't want to sound boastful, but after my article on Homosexual King and Gay Icon Mahmud of Ghazni, I have become a bit famous as an authority on homosexuality in Muslim kings of South Asia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and even received appreciation from LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite) community of Islamic Pakistan. People here in South Asia accost me on the road and demand to know "Was Emperor Babur Gay? What do you have to say?"

At the onset let me clarify two things:
  1. Babur was not an emperor. He was an Islamist warlord terrorist from middle-east/ central Asia like Osama Bin Laden or Islamic State. He was a mass murderer and enforcers of Islam on the people. (7)
  2. And yes, Babur was gay in the sense that he had gay feelings. 
My research indicates that Babur was an impotent Islamist Warlord who harbored gay love for young boys.

Babur was a homosexual by nature like almost all Muslim kings of South Asia, Pakistan and Bangladesh like Mahumd of Ghazni, Akbar, bin Tuglaq, Bakhtiyar Khilji, Nawab Sirajuddaulah and Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Context of Homosexuality and Pedophilia in Middle-age Islam in South Asia, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Homosexuality was quite common in Isamic culture during the 15th century in South Asia. It is written of Sultan Mahmud Mizra, uncle of Babur in Tuzuk-i-baburi (9):

He took beautiful boys of his noblemen and admitted them into his "boys' harem". He surrounded himself with scores of beautiful boys. This practice became a custom throughout his kingdom and noblemen occupied themselves with this mode.

As per Defenceforumindia (12): 

Muslim men who sodomise young boys are not considered homosexuals or paedophiles. The love of young boys is not a phenomenon restricted to Afghanistan; homosexual pederasty is common in neighbouring Pakistan, too. rich men buy boys as young as 11 from impoverished families for sexual slavery. The boys are dressed in women's clothes and made to dance and sing at parties, before being carted away by the men for sex.

Babur Homosexual Child Abuse in Muslim Countries

Young boys who are forced to be the receptive partner in anal intercourse are often perceived as being gay and are thus subjected to social hostility.

Islamic paradise or "jannat" promises 72 virgins and 28 young pre-pubescent boys for men. They say that dead Muslims will have the sexual prowess of 100 men in paradise (72+28).

As per BBC (13):
"In Pakistan men are discouraged from having girlfriends and so often, their first sexual experiences will be with male friends or cousins,” a man named Qasim Iqbal told BBC. “This is often seen as a part of growing up and it can be overlooked by families - it's the idea that 'boys will be boys. Sex between men will be overlooked as long as no one feels that tradition or religion are being challenged."

However there were certain rules for Islamic gay sex in South Asia, Pakistan abd Bangladesh (14): 

Two key distinctions are drawn. Liwat i.e pederasty is acceptable as long as the man uses the boy for anal or oral sex. What is forbidden and seen as shameful is for men is Ubna that is to receive a man in ones anus or mouth. The line of demarcation is the onset of the beard. The ubna male or mokhannas is condemned as a passive homosexual worthy of death.

With this background we can get started. I have done some detailed research and shall share my findings on Babur's sexuality (or lack of it) and homosexual urges in the next few paragraphs.
Babur - Homosexuality in South Asia Islam medival

Before that, a brief introduction on Babur.

Babur and his Sexual Impotence

Babur was a historical Muslim terrorist King from middle-east.  Zahir Ud Din Babr was his real name. He came from Uzbekistan to invade  Hindustan (Bharat). It was in 1504, when he invaded through Kabul to Bharat (now South Asia). (2) Some say that Babur was a debauched man given to a life of pleasure. (3)

Babur thinking Gay Homosexual thoughts for his slave boy Baburi BabriLike a typical Sunnni Muslim family, Babur was married when he was young to  girl named Ayesha Sultana Begum, but he had no interest in women. Emperor Babur lusted after men, especially young adolescent boys or younger, but could do nothing because of his impotence.

"Up till then I had had no inclination for any-one,  indeed of love and desire, either by hear-say or experience, I had  not heard, I had not talked."

The fact he had no inclination for any one proves that Babur was impotent. Another proof of Babur's impotence can be seen in this line where in his own words he says  (about his first wife): (5)

"I was not ill-disposed towards her, yet, this being my first  marriage, out of modesty and bashfulness, I used to see her once in 10, 15 or 20 days. Later on when even my first inclination did not last, my bashfulness increased. Then my mother Khanim used to send me, once a month, or every forty days, with driving and driving, dunnings and worryings."

Babur only saw his wife, but could do nothing about it. He never mentions making love even once in Babur Name which clearly shows that he could not perform it.

Possible Cause of Babur's Impotence

As per Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (10), a number of diseases afflicted Babur. In our opinion, some of these could have contributed to his impotence.
  • The first indisposition Babar describes is Typhoid fever when he was 15 years of age. It lasted 20-25 days. He developed fever which subsided after 4-5 days. But he got out of his bed before his temperature settled completely as he was in a hurry to recapture Andijan, his hometown. This early mobility resulted in relapse of high fever and he became so weak that his relatives and friends had lost all hopes of his recovery. However he recovered after two weeks.
  • When he was leaving Khujand at the age of 16 he suffered from fever short but miserable, may be, of viral origin. He was strong and this fever did not prevent him from riding 70 miles to Pashaghar after an unsuccessful attack on Rabat-e-Khawaja.
  • At 23 years of age  he developed Sciatica. He had severe pain in his back and leg. He was unable to turn over from side to side. Later, had fever and cough and he spat out blood .. he developed boils on the body which were very painful. He was treated by a Turkish physician whose treatment included holding the boils in steam .. and continued opium compound (for pleasure) for a few days.
All this must have contributed to Babur's impotence. It also contributed to his psychopathic tendencies which he also inherited from his ancestors like Timur the Barbarian. Since he was impotent he converted many young boys to eunuchs. (11)

After Babur emerged victorious at Panipat, he occupied Delhi.  Thousands of Hindus were put to the sword, and women raped. His cruel crimes at Delhi, far exceeded his crimes in Samarkhand, where he put 700,000 inhabitants to the sword, captured all the attractive women and handsome young boys to be castrated as converted into eunuchs. 

Babur's Homosexual Tendencies
Babur Gay Homosexual

As per Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (10), at 17 years of age Babur developed homosexual tendencies and started to love a boy in Urdu Bazar.

Here is what gay rights activist Udayan says (7)
Throughout his autobiography, he never mentions even a remote form of infatuation, leave alone love for any woman. Not even for his own wife. But a boy he first met at a marketplace in Kabul has his heart longing for him.In his own words,he was "maddened and afflicted" for this boy by the name of Baburi.

Babur loved children, because Babur had a pedophile nature like Mahmud of Ghazni and like all Muslim Islamic Mughal kings of South Asia, Pakistan and Bangladesh who were slave-traders, homosexual and pedophiles. In Turks and Pathans, it was common to keep male sex-slaves, especially young children (8 to 14 years).

Babur's fanatsy lover-boy Babri

Babri Masjid, the disputed Muslim church, was named after Babur's homosexual boy-lover Babri. From Babur Nama (Babur's autobography), we can get some good insights into his passion and love for his boy-lover Babri. In Page 120-121 of the biography he says that he was not much interested in his wife but was maddened by a boy named Babri. (1)

"During this time there was a boy from the camp market named Baburi,” he writes. (2)

He confesses that he had not loved anyone like he was mad for this boy.

Even his name was amazingly appropriate. I developed a strange inclination for him – rather I made myself miserable over him.” (2)

He used to compose verses in love of the boy. For example: “There has been no lover except me who is so sad, passionate and insulted. And there is no one more cruel and wretched than my lover!” (1)

Before this experience I had never felt a desire for anyone, nor did I listen to talk of love and affection or speak of such things. At that time I used to compose single lines and couplets in Persian. I composed the following lines there:
‘May no one be so distraught and devastated by love as I;
May no beloved be so pitiless and careless as you.’

Occasionally Baburi, my young lover, came to me, but I was so bashful that I could not look him in the face, much less converse with him. In my excitement and agitation I could not thank him for coming, much less complain of his leaving. Who could bear to demand the ceremonies of fealty?

Babur - Shah Abbas with Bacha Bazi - Young Biys as Sexual Object in Islamic Art
Mughal Emperor Babur Fantasizing about his Lover-Boy Babari (Representative Image)

It happens to me for some selected individuals, I spent several speechless moments seeing him quietly, several sleepless nights thinking of him until I got him” (2)

Once Babur was roaming with his friends when Babri came in front of him in a lane. Babur had loss of speech and could not even look at him due to excitement. He narrated:”I get embarrassed looking at my lover. My friends leer at me and I leer someone else.” (1)

He admits that in passion and desire of youth, he got mad and used to roam around naked.

“In the throes of love, in the foment of youth and madness, I wandered bareheaded and barefoot around the lanes and streets and through gardens and orchard, paying no attention to acquaintances and strangers, oblivious to self and others.

When I fell in love I became mad and crazed. I knew not this to be part of loving beauties.

Sometimes I went out alone like a madman to the hills and wilderness, sometimes I roamed through the orchards and lanes of town, neither walking nor sitting within my own volition, restless in going and staying.

I have no strength to go, no power to stay. You have snared us in this state, my heart.
” (2)

He writes, ”I used to get mad in excitement and passion. I could not think that lovers have to face this. I could not go away from you, nor can I stay with you due to high level of excitement. You have made me completely mad, O my boy lover!” (1)

As noted Delhi based Islamic columnist Ziya Us Salam writes (3) based on his reading of a copy of Dilip Hiro’s Babur Nama, and during the course of a casual conversation at the South Asia International Centre in New Delhi with an LGBT activist:

By his own admission, he was infatuated with Baburi, a teenage boy, on seeing whom Babur composed a couple of couplets. “Nor power to stay was mine, nor strength to part; I became what you made of me, oh thief of my heart.” Indeed Babur pined for the love of Baburi ..."

Babur's Eunuchs
As per noted myth-buster Capt Ajit Vadkayil (11)
  • Most of Babur's slaves were were eunuchs.
  • Babur had a harem with more than an thousand attractive women, he captured.
  • Babur also captured thousands of good looking boys and castrated them, which made them eunuchs.
  • Eunuchs were the guards and guardians of the harem.
  • Eunuchs also served the royal women - sexually as well as otherwise.
  • Keeping eunuchs was common among Muslim kings of Bangladesh, Pakistan and South Asia
Babri Masjid

The controversial Islamic church Babri Masjid was built by Babur by destroying an ancient Ram Temple of peaceful Hindus. It was later demolished by some Hindus.

Babur Gay Muslims destroyed Ram Temple in Ayodhya

Many historians says that Babri Masjid was a symbol of the gay homosexual love of Muslim king Babur and his slave boy lover Baburi.

Here is what a Muslim person says about Babri Masjid (11)
As per Islamic tradition is does NOT look like a mosque. It was built by Babar’s General Mir Baqshi, who was a Hijra ( a eunuch ), who did NOT know much about Islam . The Mughals did NOT build an UJU , for washing the body parts before namaz , and there is no vast open space inside for people to pray


As I have demonstrated above, Babur was an impotent Islamist terrorist who harbored gay homosexual feeling for young boys.

Babur, who founded the Mughal dynasty in the 16th century, writes in his astonishingly frank autobiography Baburnama, about his indifference towards his wife and his infatuation for a “rosy-lipped” youth. (8)

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      If you want a video prove or MMS of Babur and Babri making love, sorry I do not have that.

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  5. QUR’AN 52:24): “And there will go round boy-servants of theirs, to serve them as if they were preserved pearls.”

    (QUR’AN 56:17): “They will be served by immortal boys.”

    (QUR’AN 76:19): “And round about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you see them, you would think them scattered pearls.”


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