Trivia Facts about Food - 1

In this post I will talk about some trivia facts about food.

1. Trivia Facts about Food - Colors of Potatoes

Trivia Facts about Food - Purple Color Potato

Did you know that potatoes come in 5 colors? Yes, they come in yellow, brown, red, purple and blue colors!

Read more here for details and some vivid images.

2. Trivia Facts about Food - Interesting Facts about Pizza

Trivia Facts about Food - NASA 3d Pizza Print

Did you know that pizzas were quite popular among soldiers in Persian Empire in 6th century BC during the reign of Darius the Great?

Or that NASA is developing 3D printers that can print pizzas for astronauts? For more such amazing pizza facts, you should read this post.

3. Trivia Facts about Food - Colors of Onions
Trivia Facts about Food - White Color Onion
Most Indians love the delicious snack item known as onion pakoda. But did you know that onions come in 3 different colors?

Yes. Red Onions, Yellow or brown onions. White Onions.Read more here at Colors of Onion.

4. Trivia Facts about Food - Country that Eats the Most Anything

Trivia Facts about Food - Portugal Eats Most Fish

Have you ever wondered which country eats the most fish?

Do questions like which country eats the most chocolate or which country eats the most cheese keep you awake at night?Don't worry. Country that Eats the Most - A List will answer all these burning  questions and dispel all doubts.

BTW. Portugal eats the most fish.

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