100000 Views on The Tiny Man

100000 Views on The Tiny Man

Today is a wonderful day for me as I received my 100,000th visitor - one hundred thousand views or 1 lakhs views. I would sincerely like to thank all my blog readers for their wonderful support throughout my blogging journey.

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Blogging Journey in Brief
  • Nov 2008 - Started blogging on deepmkerj.blogspot.in
  • Aug 2012 - 10,000 Views
  • Sep 2013 - 25,000 Views
  • Jul 2014 - 50,000 Views
  • Jun 2015 - 75,000 Views. Started focusing only on History and Current Affairs.
  • Oct 2015 - New domain thetinyman.in
  • Jan 2016 - 100,000 Views
What is Tiny Man about?
  • Talks about frightening blood-curdling facts; shocking events, agonizing destructive apocalyptic scary shit; greatest hoaxes; frightening perilous horrific horrendous horrible things.
  • Talks about amazing and staggeringly jaw-dropping facts; unbelievable and spectacular events; sensational uplifting mind-blowing breathtaking shit; courageous, daring and triumphant tales.
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  1. Bakhtiyar Khilji's Conquest of Bengal and Bihar
  2. Shocking Facts about Mahmud Ghazni
  3. Disturbing Facts about Indian sub-continent
Top 3 Popular Posts by Category - Greatness of India
100000 Views on The Tiny Man - Amazing facts about Kamasutra
  1. Amazing Facts about Kamasutra
  2. Speed of Light in Ancient India
  3. Amazing Facts about Tamil Language
Top 3 Popular Posts by Category - Indian Heritage
  1. Scientific Date of Mahabharata War
  2. Amazing Similarities beyween Mahabharata and Indus Valley Civilization
  3. Amazing Facts about Mitanni Kingdom
Top 3 Popular Posts by Category - Mughal History of India
  1. Homosexual Icon and Gay King Mahmud of Ghazni
  2. Was Islamic Emperor Babur Gay? Or impotent?
  3. Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal
Top 3 Popular Posts by Category - Weird and Amazing
100000 Views on The Tiny Man - Small Pool Looks like an Eye
  1. Weird and Amazing Things that Look like an Eye
  2. Country that Drinks the Most Anything
  3. Country that Eats the Most Anything
That's it for today. Thank you once again for 100000 Views on the Tiny Man.


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