Colors of Tomatoes

Colors of Tomatoes

Have you ever wondered about the colors of tomatoes? Do you sometime withdraw to a quiet undisturbed location and contemplate on the different colors of tomatoes and marvel at the myriad diversity of nature? If you do, and if you have not found the answer yet, The Tiny Man is here to resolve your queries. 

Someone might object to this and say, why should I be bothered about colors of tomatoes? My response: You want want to do so,
  1. if you want to be growing tomatoes
  2. if you want to know how to grow a tomato tree
  3. if you want to grow tomato at home
  4. if you are interested in tomato farming
  5. if you are bored and have nothing better to do
So without further ado, let us get started.

Tomatoes come in 9 colors.

Red Tomato
Colors of Tomatoes - Red Tomato

This is the most common color of tomatoes you will come across.

Pink Tomato
Colors of Tomatoes - Pink Tomato

Pink tomatoes are found in various shades of pink. Taste is same as red tomato, or so I've heard.

Orange Tomatoes
Colors of Tomatoes - Orange Tomato
Tomatoes were originally orange when humans first started consuming them. Through selective breeding the red color was achieved. However there are still some orange tomatoes to be found here and there.

Yellow Tomatoes
Colors of Tomatoes - Yellow Tomato

Yellow tomatoes come in fascinating shades of yellow and orange.

White Tomatoes
Colors of Tomatoes - White Tomato

Yes, there are white tomatoes also. They are actually pale ivory or light yellow in color

Green Tomatoes
Colors of Tomatoes - Green Tomato
There are actually ripe green tomatoes available.

Purple Tomatoes
Colors of Tomatoes - Purple Tomato
Purple tomatoes are well, purple in color.

They are also particularly healthy. As per a study purple tomatoes "prolong the lives of cancer-prone mice and in the latest findings they also more double the normal shelf life of tomatoes from an average of 21 days to 48 days."

Brown Tomatoes

Some Russian varieties are brownish in color like this one.

Black Tomatoes
Colors of Tomatoes - Black Tomato

Black tomatoes actually do exist. People say that they have "a strong, robust, smoky flavor." and are supposedly high on anti-oxidants and considered a superfood.

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  1. REALLY!!!!
    I have eaten just the red, green and orange varieties!

  2. wow this was super informative

  3. In 9 colours!! Wow...that's a news to me really...thanks for such an informative post... :-)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. Happy that you liked it :)

  4. Wow!
    There are this many kinds of tomatoes?! I wonder where I can find the white one. I'm going to be on a look out for them.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks! Even I was pleasantly surprised while doing my research. :)


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