Index of Indian History Articles

This is the Index of Indian History article in chronological order.

Many of my readers have sent me emails, asking me to organize the posts on Indian History based on theme or chronology.

Therefore, I decided to organize my Indian History posts based on theme as well as chronology. Please note that this page will be updated as and when I add new articles.

5000 BCE to 500 BCE - Ancient Hindu India

Date of Ramayana from Literary Sources

Date of Mahabharata from Literary Sources
Date of Mahabharata War from 7 Amazing Sources
Date of Mahabharata War from 7 Astronomical Sources
Date of Mahabharata War from Riyazu S Salatin
5 Amazing similarities between Mahabharata and Indus Valley Civilization
Scientific Date of Mahabharata War from Many Sources

Amazing Scientifc Facts about Mahabharata Weapons

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500 BCE to 800 CE - Old India - Hindu, Jain and Buddha

28 Shocking Facts about Ashoka
Speed of Light in Ancient India
Vimana Shastra by Bharadvaja Rishi
5 Unbeleivable Facts about Ancient India
800 CE to 1800 CE - Muslim Rule of India

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Mughal Barbarism and Islamic Savagery in India
Shocking Facts about Mughal Empire in India

Homosexual Icon and Gay King Mahmud of Ghazni
Mahmud Ghanzi - A Genocidial Maniac
5 Shocking Facts about Mahmud of Ghazni

Bakhtiyar Khilji's conquest of Bengal and Bihar

3 Shocking Facts about Babur
Was Islamic Emperor Babur Gay? Or Impotent?

Destruction of Somnath Temple

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  1. Emperor Rishabh ( Adinath) First Jain Tirthankhara,
    King Bharata and Baahubali
    Chakravarty Vikramaditya 7000 BC.

    Mahavira , 24th Jain Tirthankara 4500 BC.


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