Words that Start and End with i

Words that Start and End with i Intagli

In this article I present Words that Start and end with i.

I had received some emails that my posts have become too serious and "heavy" of late, and that I should at least revive my "words that .." type of posts. Hence this kind of post after a long time. Some of my previous article in this series are:
What is so special and amazing about words that Start with i as well as end with i?
  • There are only 9 such words!
  • Of these 9, ALL of them are of non-English origin, spanning Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.
  • 5 of these words are plurals.
  • 1 of them refers to a rare and endangered animal.
  • You may not have come across 7 of these 9 words earlier! At least I did not - do let me know how many of these words you knew earlier.
So here we go. Below I present the fruits of my research.

8 Letter words Start and End with i
Ignormai is the plural of ignoramus. Ignormaus, meaning a fool, is derived from  Latin ignōrāmus ‎(“we do not know, we are ignorant of”), the first-person plural present active indicative of īgnōrō ‎(“I do not know, I am unacquainted with, I am ignorant of”)[1].

7 Letter words Start and End with i
Intagli is the plural of Intaglio. An Intaglio is a design or piece of art which is engraved or etched into something, and is derived from Italian word intagliare[2].

6 Letter words Start and End with i
Incubi is plural of incubus. An incubus is an evil spirit supposed to oppress people while asleep or may refer to sleep paralysis. It is derived Late Latin incubus, from Latin incubo[3].

Isthmi is the plural of Isthmus. An Isthumus is a narrow strip of land, bordered on both sides by water, and connecting two larger landmasses. It is derived from from Ancient Greek ἰσθμός ‎(isthmós, “neck”)[4].

5 Letter words Start and End with i
Iambi is the plural of Iambus, a form of poetry. It is derived from Greek ἴαμβος "a poetic meter"[5].

Indri is one of the largest surving lemurs. It is also called the babakoto and is native to Madagascar. It is revered by the Madagascan peoples [6].

Words that Start and End with i Indri Lemur

Issei refers to a member of the first generation of Japanese immigrants to North America, South America or Australia.

4 Letter words Start and End with i
Impi refers to a group of Zulu (or other Bantu) warriors; a detachment of armed men.  It is a Zulu word [7].

Inti was the currency of Peru between 1985 and 1991, replacing the sol[8]. Inti is derived from the name of he ancient Incan sun god, revered as the national patron of the Inca state, and the son of Viracocha, the God of civilization.

Coincidentally, Viracocha has an iconography (bearded old man) and role (creator) similar to Hindu god Brahma. In my opinion, a possible Sanskrit cognate of Viracocha  (which literally means foam of the sea) could be ira+karuja (water+foam), given that ancient Indians had a lot of similarities with the South American Incans!

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Indri Head
Intaglio Chariot Race

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