Infinite Road - A Sanskrit Poem

Infinite Road Sanskrit Poem

Have you ever gazed at a village or country road as it disappears into the horizon? In this poem I have tried to capture such a situation, and what better language for Kavya than Sanskrit? I present to you, with translation, Infinite Road - A Sanskrit Poem.

पथः क्षतः किन्त्वह्रुतः ।
दिगन्तं गतवान् ॥
ऋजुः पृथुः बिन्दुमन्ते ।
स्पर्शं कृतवान् ॥ ॥

Transliteration in IAST
pathaḥ kṣataḥ kintvahrutaḥ ।
digantaṃ gatavān ॥
ṛjuḥ pṛthuḥ bindumante ।
sparśaṃ kṛtavān ॥ ॥

Straight was the road,
uneven and broken,
And he headed towards,
the far horizon.
Unyielding he was,
and wide was he,
and he touched the point,
At Infinity.

Hope you liked it. If there is any deficiency in the poem, it is not that of the language but mine.


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