9 Shameful Church tactics to convert to Christianity

Shameful Church tactics to convert to Christianity Pretending to be Hindus

In this post I will talk about a serious issue that no media in India talks about - it is about the shameful Church tactics to convert to Christianity.

I love Jesus not the Church

At the onset let me state clearly that I am neither a Sanghi nor associated in any way with any nationalist party. I am an engineer by training and swear by Science. I respect spirituality but cannot tolerate dogmas and unscientific assertions and myths of organized religions and church bodies [like opposing evolution and dismissing big-bang theory].

In short, I have great respect for Jesus as an evolved spiritual being, similar to Buddha and Krishna, and try to follow his teachings. But I am critical of the Church and always question the relevance of Church and its rituals in the 21st century.

Let's get rid of this one God one book nonsense. Let there by no God and only Science/ Reason or let there be millions of Gods - to each  his own I say.

Jesus an Epitome of Love

Jesus was a great Soul an epitome of love, kindness and  sacrifice. Many believe that he was a Prophet or Messiah. We Hindus think of Jesus at par with Krishna and Buddha. In fact in many places in rural Bengal, Jesus [known as Krishto] is worshiped as the son of Goddess Kali.

Here is what Shri Shri Ravishankar says [2]:

"Jesus is love and we are all love. Everyone is made up of love but many don’t realise it. I know it and that is all. In fact, if you have studied the Upanishads and read what Jesus has said, they are many strikingly similar things. It is a fact that Jesus spent 12 years in South India studying ancient Vedic knowledge. And so, when he was doubted by the doubting Thomas, Jesus said, “You go see for yourself.” So Jesus (though it is not in the recorded Bible anywhere) said to him many times to go to India and see for himself, from where he got his wisdom ...

I want you to remember that what you know as the Bible was not written by Jesus at all. It was written 70 years after Jesus passed away ....

When the Dead Sea scrolls were found, they found many teaching of Jesus on breath, food, meditation, etc. But those were not taken by the Church because those days the idea of the Church was to open more centers and to gain power and to rule the continent...

There are seventy two sects of Christianity of which each one claim to be authentic .."

Church on the Other Hand - Unscrupulous and Immoral

As is evident there is nothing that is authentic Christianity - every sect of Christianity is always in eternal conflict with each other. The mutual tension between Catholics, Protestants, Syrian Christians, Greek Orthodox and so on, is a cause of much misery and pain, as in their effort to increase their Church denomination size, they trample and destroy local cultures and use unscrupulous means to convert Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains to their version of Christian faith.

A Hindu will willingly accept Jesus, but finds it very hard to accept the Church (of whichever denomination) for the reasons above. In fact I personally have an image of Jesus in my house, although I am sure that NO Christian will have an idol of Vishnu or  Krishna or Shiva in his house. What I object to, like most scientific-minded people is the abuse that the Church does in rural India in its zeal to convert, as I have shown below. As you will see some of the tactics are shamelessly crass, and need to be shunned by rational-minded Christians.

When somebody accepts Christianity it should be out of Love that Jesus represents, not out of coercion or sinful ways of the Church.

What does Church want?

In the words of Pastor John Pavlovitz [4]: "Every day we see a world suffocated by poverty, and racism, and violence, and bigotry, and hunger; and in the face of that stuff, you [Church] get awfully, frighteningly quiet. We wish you were as courageous in those fights, because then we’d feel like coming alongside you; then we’d feel like going to war with you.

Church, we need you to stop being warmongers with the trivial and pacifists in the face of the terrible."

ChristainAggression is a noted academic website documenting the Violent World of Christendom. Their research indicates:
"Christian Missionaries on one hand preach high moral values, yet at the same time, they follow the lowest most despicable ones in order to convert people to their religion. Missionaries especially prey on the poorest, most rural folk under the guise of helping them out of poverty when in fact they have chosen to convert them because they are the most uneducated and therefore most likely to fall for their deception." [6]

Shocking Church tactics to convert to Christianity

#1 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - Staging Plays in Remote Villages

Christian Missionaries stage plays that have the message: "If you worship Jesus, you will attain a place in Heaven".

The play goes as follows: Anthony is a wealthy social worker, but does not believe in Jesus; whereas, Pundalik is an ordinary shopkeeper who has accepted Jesus. Both are killed in an accident. Since Pundalik had accepted Jesus, he goes to Heaven and Anthony, because of rejecting Jesus, goes to Hell. [1]

#2 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - In Children School Buses

When the children are traveling in the bus, the driver will stop the bus and then ask the children to chant their own Gods' names. As they chant, the driver will try to start the bus and the bus will not start. He will then say, “Now chant the name of Jesus, pray to Jesus", and when they do it, he will start the bus. This makes the villagers to believe that Jesus is the only true God and the other Gods are false. [2]

#3 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - Using Miracle Boxes

In Kerala, especially in the localities of poor Hindus near the coastal belt, the church has kept ‘miracle boxes’. Hindus there are asked to write their wishes on a piece of paper and drop it in this box. Innocent Hindus write things such as ‘I want a fishing boat, I want money to pay school fees of my children’, and drop them in these ‘miracle boxes’. After two weeks, Christian missionaries fulfil all their wishes through the medium of these boxes. Perceiving this to be a Divine miracle, many poor families embrace Christianity. [3]

#4 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - Trampling Hindu and Buddhist Images

Evangelical groups ask the people to bring the pictures of all the Gods and Goddesses, put them on the floor and walk on it. So, these poor villagers, they do this because they are given some money. [2]

#5 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - Healing Centers

A rumor is spread that all kinds of physical illnesses can be cured in this center, middle-class people suffering from diseases flock here.  Followers of Christ from this center perform various tricks on the stage and term them miracles. Thereafter, Christian followers are made to stand on one side of the stage and patients on the other side. Some Christians working in the center quietly mingle with the patients. After reciting specific verses, some of these Christians pretend as if they are  possessed. Then, it is announced that ‘these patients have been cured of their ailments’. If physical ailments are not cured even after regular treatment for 4 weeks, they are asked to attend a special 4-day camp. During these days, a discourse on the greatness of Jesus is delivered, and the attendees are made to follow Christianity. Then, they are told ‘Jesus alone is your savior. Now, you belong to him. From now on, you have to follow only the religion advised by Jesus. [1]

#6 Church tactics to convert to Christianity- Floating Idols

This is a standard tactic used by Christian Missionaries to prey upon the poor and illiterate.

Here is a description by ChristianAggression: "In rural villages in India, Missionaries and place a stone or metal idol of a Hindu Deity in bring a bucket of water. The statue will sink in the bucket. Next the Missionary bring a wax-coated idol of Jesus or Virgin Mary (though Christianity prohibits idols) and places that in the bucket. Due the wax-coat, the Christian idol will float. The Missionary will then conclude that because the Christian idol floated, it is "higher" and, therefore, better than the Hindu one. The uneducated villager, not knowing anything about buoyancy or density, falls for the Missionary’s ridiculous explanation and converts to Christianity."

#7 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - Distributing Bible

  • On railway stations, Christian missionaries distribute Bible/ free booklets propagating Christianity to Hindu passengers. The passengers read whatever is available free and easily to pass time during boring railway journeys. Hence, these Christian missionaries are certain that these booklets will be read by the passengers.
  • Gifting copies of the Bible along with toys to Hindu students. [1]
Here is what noted rationalist, anti-superstionist and myth-buster Grimm Engineer says about Bible and why we should spread the message of Jesus rather than Bible:
"Do you even know what the Bible is? It is a compilation of different gospels/books/testimonies written by different people separated in some cases by thousands of years and in differing lands. It serves only the arrogance of surety that you would accept only the one compilation (The Bible) and no others. I smile widely in disbelief also knowing that the included gospels of the old and new testament were hand picked and groomed to the tastes of King James by the autocratic servants of the monarchy. Such ignorance to think that it is by any means the complete and only truth. What a total lack of understanding of the origins of the words you and I both hold so dearly. It is as unto an ostrich with it's head in the sand, what it cannot see must not be real." [4]

#8 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - Acting

As per noted observer of Indian Demographics, Vijay Kumar: "Another tactic widely practiced is that they have certain "ceremonies" where Jesus comes and heals the sick. An old and trusted convert with reasonable acting skills is chosen and he pretends to have developed a limp. He talks about how painful the limp had been for him and his family. He explains who  much pain he bears everyday. Further explains how none of the doctors were able to heal him or turned him down for being a lower cast. The "father" calls for Ganesh and Krishna to heal the man and nothing happens. Then he calls for Jesus and after about 10 seconds, the man walks fine, jumps and is even able to run. The volunteers jump and enjoy the moment in ecstatic joy all to be viewed by gullible audiences who will follow suit later." [5]

#9 Church tactics to convert to Christianity - Fake Medicines

This is in fact the most despicable strategy adopted by Evangelical Missionaries in India. Here is how it works:
"One common tactic employed by Missionaries is to give a sick villager fake medicines which have no medicinal value and ask them to worship in the name of their faith for wellness. After several days, the missionary gives the villager an identical dose of the medicine, but this time it is the real medicine. Then the missionary will instruct the villager to now pray to Jesus. Soon after, due to the medicine and not due to Jesus, the villager will be cured. The uneducated and gullible villager, however, will attribute his cure to Jesus and convert to Christianity." [6]

Request to Church - Spread Love Not Venom
As you can see, Evangelicals and Christian Missionaries in India, employ some downright shameful tactics. Jesus would have been ashamed. In fact I would go so far to say that the Church is Anti-Christian, and does everything that is opposed to Jesus's teaching.

The change can only come from inside Christianity - rational and scientific-minded Christians should whole-heartedly accept Jesus, but be cautious and wary of middle-men Priests and cunning Pastors and institutions like Churches, who are out there to increase their power and become powerful - not for spreading the Love of Jesus.

You may also like:
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That's it. Thank you for reading 9 Shameful Church tactics to convert to Christianity. Please show your appreciation by sharing and/or leaving a comment.


  1. Shocking! What kind of mindset is this?

    1. Very true. I was shocked when I did my research and was wondering whether to publish my findings or not. But an issue can only be solved when we accept that we have an issue. That's why I repeatedly state that Jesus was a great Soul but the Church has its own agenda and vested interests which would have made Jesus quite sad.

  2. The angle of religion is different for them,a political tool basically.Jesus is always respected by Hindus.Surprisingly most of the western people not so fanatic,every branch of science excelled after having surpassed the authority of church only.If possible,pl read THE FAMILY written by Mario Puzo to know the barbarian chirch politics.

  3. The angle of religion is different for them,a political tool basically.Jesus is always respected by Hindus.Surprisingly most of the western people not so fanatic,every branch of science excelled after having surpassed the authority of church only.If possible,pl read THE FAMILY written by Mario Puzo to know the barbarian chirch politics.

  4. Hi
    Well..I just read this article...I'm sorry u guys are being misinforme. Jesus never came to India or studied Vedas. The holy spirit , part of the holy Trinity, inspired holy men to write the Bible.
    If you read the Bible( pls do) you will notice Jesus while being taken up after his resurrection, commanded his disciples to go into all d world and make disciples..baptising them in the name of the father , son and holy spirit( Trinity).
    But I do agree , some conmen are gone out who profess they know Jesus but seek money instead. Jesus never preached forced conversions. He simply preached the kingdom of God and healed all the sick folk who came to him. So we are to follow His example. Doing good, loving all , evn our enemies. If you read the Gospels in the Bible, Jesus cast out demons from demon possessed people. If he did that, so can His people.
    There may be hoax cases, but such deliverances happening in genuine churches are real. Please do not mock..what you don't understand. I'm eye witness to many such happenings in many true churches and I can guarantee that such people so oppresses and sick, after receiving prayer go on to live tremendous lives.

    Concerning biblical similarity with Vedas and Upanishads..they mention Jesus..even Koran describes Jesus as prophet. I admit His people have betrayed Him but please don't throw throw the true coins with the counterfeit ones.
    There are many true followers of Christ. Above all read the Bible yourselves from cover to cover..pls don't misinterpret facts..study ancient history using genuine resources..and above all read with an open heart!
    If you seek with all your hearts you will find Him. His words.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your views. I really appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to read and respond.

      My question is why should we read mythical texts like Bible or Koran in this day and age? Science has clearly shown that there is no such thing as God and all this prophet business is plain bunkum. Yet apparently scientific minded people still resort to these irrational superstitions.

      Scholars agree that Jesus was a myth and his tales are a fable like those of say Odin, Thor or Ayappa. Isn't it time that people reject such superstitions and embrace Science and Reason? Even today the Church does not accept science and vehemently opposes proven scientific facts like evolution or big bang theory. And that is really sad. The church is a multi-billion dollar enterprise and is supposedly out to "educate" people, but if they themselves are not educated what education will they spread?

      That is all I am saying. Jesus, we love, but anti-Science Church and mythical Bible and false Fathers, all these we absolutely and categorically reject.

      Jesus, if he ever existed would have been an epitome of love and kindness and joy, but the Church is an epitome of superstitions and backwardness.

      ॐ येशवे नमः । My Salutations to Jesus.
      ॐ बुद्धाय नमः । My Salutations to Buddha.
      ॐ कृष्णाय नमः । My Salutations to Krishna.

  5. Thank you for writing this important post, Subhodeep. The two expansionist religions have been causing great havoc to peace and harmony in the world.

    1. Thank you for reading an commenting an for the very apt observation.

      I was quite surprised that there are very very few academic papers/ article which explore the process of conversion employed by Church in India. That's why I wrote this essay blog-style, although I would ideally have preferred to write a detailed academic paper on this.

  6. Wake up India, wake up fellow Indians, wake up to the truth

  7. Very much true. Theese organised religious groups competing to make more conversions to their fold are responsible for terrorism in the whole world. The problem with these two religious groups is they dont accept or respect others traditions.

  8. Very much true. Theese organised religious groups competing to make more conversions to their fold are responsible for terrorism in the whole world. The problem with these two religious groups is they dont accept or respect others traditions.

  9. Very much true. Theese organised religious groups competing to make more conversions to their fold are responsible for terrorism in the whole world. The problem with these two religious groups is they dont accept or respect others traditions.

  10. Very much true. Theese organised religious groups competing to make more conversions to their fold are responsible for terrorism in the whole world. The problem with these two religious groups is they dont accept or respect others traditions.


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