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Book: Bhabhi's Adventures

This is a review of the book "Bhabhi's Adventures" by Seema Sachdeva available on Amazon Kindle.

This book is No#1 bestseller in Kindle Store under Fantasy, Futuristic and Ghost and #15 in Romance.

Bhabhi's Adventures by Seema Sachdeva chronicles the erotic exploits of 26-year old Savita Bhabhi, her 20-year old sister Kajal and their neighbor Shyam.

Shyam and Renu are a young newly married Maharashtra couple. Savita and Kanti Bhai are a typical Gujarati couple. Both these couples stay in the same building. Kantibhai is often on business trips and his wife gets lonely. Shyam's wife becomes pregnant and moves to her in-laws place in Satara. Now Shyam is alone and lonely. Savita Bhabhi is anyway alone and lonely. Savita Bhabhi's younger sister who comes from Indore to Mumbai is alone and lonely. This loneliness sets the stage for a series of desire-laden encounters which are truly picturesque in their descriptions, poetic in their rhythm, exhilarating in their scope ,vivid in the descriptions and breath-taking in their artistic brilliance.

I read this book in one go. Although I am a bit too old for this sort of thing, I did enjoy the wonderful writing and imagery that this book evoked. The prose is crisp, clear and almost lyrical in its quality. The tales of erotic pleasure are a true delight for Indian erotica connoisseurs, especially those who are tired of industrial style American adult entertainment, and looking for a "desi" literary alternative.

Seema Sachdeva's writing is steeped in Indian imagery and traditional devices. The description of sensuous sari-clad ladies, kurta-clad son of soil, the use of Amul butter, coconut oil - all these have added a "masala" flavor to an already spicy "glamour romance" (to use a South Indian phrase).

An example of the poetic imagery is given below:
One day, there was a condom malfunction. Some of Shyam's virile semen seeped into Renu's fertile womb and, to cut a long story short, Renu missed her period. Women in Renu's maternal line were prone to severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and Renu had also unfortunately inherited that trait. Soon her morning sickness became so severe that she was nauseous throughout the day and was hardly able to keep anything down. No remedy seemed to work. To make matters worse, she developed an aversion to sex. In fact, the mere sight of her husband's underwear hanging out to dry on the clothesline was enough to bring on a severe bout of retching. So finally, Shyam had no alternative but to send Renu off to her father's home in Satara, when she was barely in her third month of pregnancy.

This is a book meant for adult readers (18+) but I am sure even those who are young will enjoy this book very much. Seema Sachdeva, the author has to her credit other super-hit books like:

This book is India's answer to 50 Shades of Grey.

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