Human Rights abuses and Violations in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In this post I will talk about "Human Rights abuses and Violations in Pakistan". This is a summary of Human Rights Watch Annual Report for Pakistan. Pakistan is a terrorist state on the verge of collapse. As a responsible and senior leader of SAARC and important South Asian leader, India must intervene immediately to prevent such gross human rights abuses in Pakistan.

  • Religious minorities face violent attacks, insecurity, and persecution, largely from Sunni extremist groups—which the government failed to address. 
  • The government continues to use blasphemy laws to institutionalize discrimination against religious minorities. 
  • The security forces engage in extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances to counter political unrest in the province of Balochistan and in the port city of Karachi in Sindh province. 
  • Torture of suspects by the police remains rampant. 
  • Large numbers of journalists are killed or injured in attacks, most of which remain unresolved.
  • Hindu women have also been known to be victims of kidnapping and forced conversion to Islam. 
  • An official of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in 2010 that around 20 to 25 Hindu girls are abducted every month and converted to Islam forcibly. 
  • A Pakistan Muslim League politician has stated that abduction of Hindus and Sikhs is a business in Pakistan, along with conversions of Hindus to Islam. 
  • Forced conversion, rape, and forced marriages of Hindu women in Pakistan are a common practice in  Islamic republic of Pakistan

Some incidents of religious intolerance by Muslims towards Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan are given below:
  • On 18 October 2005, Sanno Amra and Champa, a Hindu couple residing in the Punjab Colony, Karachi, Sindh returned home to find that their three teenage daughters had disappeared. After inquiries to the local police, the couple discovered that their daughters had been taken to a local madrassah, had been converted to Islam, and were denied unsupervised contact with their parents
  • An angry mob attacked a couple in Kot Radha Kishan in Punjab for suspected blasphemy. The couple was savagely beaten and then burned to death in a brick kiln.
  • The next day, a police officer decapitated a mentally unstable man who was in custody in the city’s police station for allegedly committing blasphemy. 
  • In September police opened fire on an elderly man imprisoned on blasphemy charges, wounding him.
  • In 2013, police stood by while a thousand-strong mob, ostensibly enraged by blasphemy allegations against a minority sanitation worker, attacked his residential community in Lahore. The crowd looted and then burned down more than 150 houses as the police stood by without intervening. 
Pakistan's Islamic Blasphemy Laws used against Hindus
Pakistan’s blasphemy law, as section 295-C of the penal code is known, is the root of these gross abuses. Hundreds are held every year for various offenses under other similar statutes, but 295-C makes the death penalty effectively mandatory for transgressions that fall under its scope.The law is largely used against members of religious minorities, while the government rarely brings charges against those responsible for attacks on people — often the victims of personal disputes — accused of blasphemy. The Pakistan government’s tolerance for the blasphemy law and the violence it provokes reflects the failure of its policy of its politically expedient accommodation of extremist violence. The law, introduced in the 1980s by military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq, was part of a broader effort to make the Pakistani society more “Islamic.” At the time, current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif openly supported its introduction.

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