My Advice to Hindu Atheists

My Advice to Hindu Atheists

You are ignorant fools, I am sorry to say. You Hindu atheists know nothing about religion in general and less than zero about Hinduism. Let me explain why I say so, but I am sure that you will not understand and will unnecessarily argue and waste my time.

- Monotheism is the religious practice of Christians, Muslims and Jews.
- They believe in one External God - male, violent and angry
- They believe in Creator and Creation as two DIFFERENT things
- They believe that God created the world
- They think that science / evolution is bullshit
- They think other Gods are false and kill each other
- That's why all terrorists are Muslims, Christians and earlier all terrorists used to be Jews.

- An atheist is one who rejects the monotheistic notion of monotheism.
- An atheist does not believe in external God and that a some bullshit God created the world
- More specifically an atheist can ONLY be a an ex-Jew, an ex-Christian or an ex-Muslim

Conclusion: Only an ignorant Hindu will say he is an atheist. Its like saying that you are a vegetarian beef-eater.

- Monism is the believe in one ALL-PERVADING truth (known as Brahman)
- No internal/ external difference
- No creator/ created difference
- NO external God
- Hinduism is essentially monist
- There is no question of atheism in Hinduism because there is no God like Christians and Muslims
- We have Devas and Devis, which is NOT the same as God
- Each Deva/ Devi represents a specific ASPECT OF NATURE (like wealth, knowledge etc)

Astika/ Nastika
- Nastika does not mean atheist
- Nastika means one who does not accept the Vedas as valid means of knowledge (in Indian philosophy there are 6 valid means of knowledge)
- Buddhists and Jains are Nastikas

Suggestion to Hindu AtheistsRead about Hinduism before making sweeping comments. You need some basic level of intelligence to understand Hindu philosophy.

Before arguing with me, let me state:
a. I am knowledgeable in Hindu darshanas
b. I am quite knowledgeable in Jainism and Buddhism
c. I have studied the Koran and Hadiths in details, so I know what exactly Jihad, Kafir and Qurbani means
d. I have studied Christianity in details and I know Nicene Creed, Good News, Original Sin and why the Church opposes science

So when you decide to debate with me, give me facts - no big statements and uneducated guesses.

For more details see my detailed post in The Advaitist
Differences between Hindusim and Abrahamic Religions

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