Why are most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national?

Why are most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national?

This is truly a perplexing  question - as a pure-bred Bengali I found it very difficult to understand why most Bengalis hate Hinduism so much. This hatred is especially strong in Kolkata and suburb based so-called educated Bengali people, especially upper-caste Hindu Bengalis, who consider themselves intellectuals (but are not). On top of being anti-Hindu, these people are pro-Muslim, think or choose to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, support beef-eating and communism, and do not seem to mind Durga Puja rules being dictated by Hindu-haters. [1][2][3][4]

These Bengalis are loud, rude, illogical and argumentative. Their hatred for Hinduism, "Hindutva", BJP, RSS is so strong that they confuse the government with the nation, and generally comes across as anti-national.

This is strange and perplexing, because a large number of our freedom fighters and nationalists were Bengalis. The founder of Jana Sangh, the precursor of BJP, Shyama Prasad Mookerjea was a Bengali.

This is a question we must all understand. The issue needs nuanced handling, and as an insider I present my views of what I think are the reasons.

Although, most people think of us as one people, we need to understand that there are different  strands of Hindu Bengalis, with varying degrees of dhimmitude, Hindu hatred and ignorance. For those unaware, dhimmitude refers to a form of inferior life and slavish mentality under an Islamic rule (for example, Hindus were Dhimmis under Aurangzeb's fanatic Islamic rule and had a horrible life).

East Bengalis (Bangals) in Kolkata

  • They are the majority of Hindu Bengalis and include people like Mamta Begum, Buddhadeb Bhattachary (ex-CM) and Jyoti Basu (ex-ex CM). They are those who or whose ancestors were killed, raped, massacred or kicked out by Islamists in Bangladesh/ east Pakistan and came here as refugees. Bangals are either pure dhimmis (99%) or staunch Dharmics (1%), having been under Muslim domination in Islamic Bangladesh for centuries. 
  • In West Bengal they became communists or TMC and support Indian "secularism" - a form of virulent and rabid Hindu-hatred and Muslim appeasement. [5][6]
  • Suffering from a strange from of Stockholm syndrome, they are the ones who allowed illegal immigration of Islamists from Bangladesh into West Bengal (the same Islamists whose ancestors raped and killed the Bangals's ancestors) for vote-bank and have now successfully converted West Bengal into Waste Bengal.[7]
  • They are out and out dhimmis, lazy and argumentative, beef-lovers, and Hindu haters - its easy to spot them in real life as well as social media, in Jadavpur University and in JNU in Delhi, and so on.
  • Most of CPIM supporters have traditionally been Bangals - today many have shifted to TMC because TMC is the baap of all Muslim appeasements.
  • However, there are some strong individual sane voices among the descendants of East Bengal refugees who call a spade a spade, and they denounce militant Islam, and support a Dharmic revival. They are in minority.
Why are Bengalis anti-Hindu - TMC

West Bengalis (Ghotis) in Kolkata and suburbs
  • They are minorities in terms of numbers and are original inhabitants of Western part of Bengal (my community) and have historically produced people like Swami Vivekanada, Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhamsa, Syamaprasad Mookerjea and other stalwarts. 
  • They are generally neither dhimmis nor Hindu haters, and at one time used to be hard-workers and knowledgeable.
  • But today they are easy-going to the extent of being lazy and argumentative. 
  • Today most Ghotis are ignorant fools, morons who don't care about Hinduism, suffer from serious inferiority complex and seriously believe that all religions are same, that Islam is a religion of peace, that Jesus is an avatar of Krishna and that communism is about removing poverty. Hence even today they are aligned with CPIM - earlier they also sided with Congress.
  • The idiot Ghotis have been brain-washed into believing that evil politicians from Hindu and Muslim camps partitioned India during British raj.  
  • When I point out that it was Muslims who demanded a Pakistan, and it was not Hindus who asked for Hindustan, they switch to Praveen Togadia, beef-politics and so-called Hindu fundamentalism.
  • I have gotten tired of arguing with my family members and friends who demand proof and argue when I say that all Islamists are terrorists, that Abrahamic monotheism inevitably leads to terrorism or that a raped Muslim woman needs 4 male witnesses to prove rape, else she will be stoned and lashed, and dubbed an adulterer. [8][9][10]
Why are Bengalis anti-Hindu - Ghoti

Today Bengali Brahmins and kayasthas (upper castes) in Kolkata and suburbs are a curse and a blot on Hinduism - the largest number of Hindu haters and meat/ beef eaters belong to these communities - rather than protecting dharma, they openly denigrate Hinduism and give Bengali Hindus a bad name.

Why do these Bengalis think they are superior?

My close friend Sayok Basu, a staunch rationalist and nonsense-hater explains it thus:

Most Bengalis suffer from a peculiar complex which includes a strange conviction that we are genetically, intellectually and cerebrally higher than our fellow countrymen who are primitive. Since we are burdened with this divine duty as descendents of higher cerebral beings we have to oppose whatever the rest of India thinks. To this end, following and parroting the propaganda of the likes of a certain Ghosh, Oberoi Didi and Allimudin Street is entirely acceptable and laudable indeed. God save my state and my men because they can't even help themselves.

I think this is a wonderful explanation of why many Bengalis today consider themselves argumentative.

Why do these Bengalis argue so much?

Only two types of people argue:
a. those who know
b. those who don't know

These elite city-based Bengalis like to believe that they are sophisticated, educated and cultured, which most are not, because the education system in West Bengal is notoriously bad - for 30 years the scoundrel communists used our education system to whitewash history and to spread their divisive agenda. These Bengalis believe that they are "rationalists" and anti-superstitious - but peculiarly their rationalism and fight against superstitions and barbarism, is restricted only to Hinduism (Hindutva, RSS, VHP, sati, women rights, dalit oppression).

Why do Bengalis criticize superstitions and backwardness only in Hinduism and not in Islam?

When I point out Christianity and Islam are full of superstitions and barbaric practices, they shrug their shoulders and say that we have so many problems, we should not point others mistakes if at all they exist. Such inferiority complex is truly horrifying.

In facebook whenever an article glorying Hinduism or India is published, or an article criticizing Islam or Christianity is published, it is a Bengali who first protests and says "What about Sati? What about Dalits? We have so many issues ourselves etc.?" If I point out verses from Koran that instigate violence or ask Muslims to kill Kafirs an chop off their limbs, the Bengali will immediately say "Even our Bhagavad Gita has violence", and all such nonsense.

  • They do this bullshit because most East Bengalis are dhimmis - the East Bengalis are shit scared of Muslims and look up to Mullas as their munib, as a result of 800 years of being under Islamic rule. 
  • They do this because most West Bengalis are idiots - they have no idea what Islam is or what danger militant Islam represents, and approach Islam from a Hindu point of view, and believe that all religions preach the same message. 
  • Which is total nonsense - saying that all religions are same is like saying that all fruits are same, all vegetables are same, all books are same or all doctors are same, or that all schools are the same. You want to put your son or daughter to the best school right?

Why do these Bengalis give so much bullshit on religion?

A typical commie or "rationalist" Bengali will say:
1. I don't believe in God.
2. All religions are the same.
3. No religion is perfect.

and many other such bullshit.

Many a times I have challenged these stupid mentally challenged Bengalis to a debate and simpl ask them - have you read a single scripture in any religion before making your stupid comments? I mean, to make a comment on Newton's Laws of motion you need to study Physics and Newton's Laws of motion. Same rule applies to religion. You can make a comment after reading Vedas, Upanishads, Koran, Hadith, Bible - New Testament and Old Testament, Torah etc - only an UTTER IDIOT will make such stupid comments without doing any reading or knowing anything.

[And this is the reason also why today West Bengal is such a backward state - city people are ignorant but they think theyr are superior, city people are lazy and militant and do not do anything to gain knowledge. Village and town people are much better - but their politcs is controlled from Kolkata and they are this made to suffer. The elite city-based Bengalis an commie-followers are a bullshit group of losers, who give Bengalis a bad name.]

Bengalis in suburbs and villages, and non-upper caste Bengalis (Gram Bangla)
  • Ghoti or Bangal, people of Gram Bangla and most non-upper caste Hindu Bengalis are reasonable and rational people.
  • They are pro-Hindu, staunch nationalists and realize what is happening, and also realize that they were taken for a ride by CPM and especially by TMC. 
  • They are facing the brunt of radical Islam and Islam dominated political goonda-gardi.
  • It is from them that any resistance to Islamism is coming, and they can give as good as they get. The only thing they lack is political support.
  • People of towns and villages, the common Hindus of West Bengal are our only hope, especially given the below stats.

  1. Officially 70% of WB is Hindu and 30% Muslims - Hindu Bengalis are only 59% of WB.
  2. Officially 8% of BD is Hindu and 92% Muslims.
  3. Out of 10 Bengalis (WB + BD), only 3 are Hindus and 7 are Muslims (just as out of 10 Punjabis, 8 are Muslims, 1 is Sikh and 1 is Hindu)
  4. Hindu Bengalis in WB will become a minority by 2050 (as per my estimates based on last 100 years census data).
I hope this gives a good insight into what is happening to Bengalis in West Bengal and other places. It is not that most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national - but it is true that Bangals and Ghotis, especially upper-caste Hindus from Kolkata, the earlier refugee colonies in Kolkata, the suburbs are pure dhimmis, anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national, and would love nothing more than to see Hinduism dead.

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  1. I appreciate that you said it is your personal view and I think you have every right to express your views in your Blog. No harm. I am commenting since the issues you have raised pondered me as well for many years and I am equally sad. In my view there are few other contributors towards the nature of 'these' intellectual (atalectual) modern bengalis. Lets discuss-

    First, no doubt Bengalis are more liberal in our life time than some other parts of India like UP, Bihar, TamilNadu or other southern or north/central Indian territories. There are many reasons associated with it. Regular School and High school education are good and not biased by any religion. All the school teachers used to be part of ABTA (coordination unit of CPIM) and following leftist secularism agenda, the teachers were careful to keep religion outside of the school premises. This used to be true in Hindu or Muslim dominated areas. Hence since school days, yound minds used to mold to accept both the religions. Now when these school students becomes young and becomes college/univ grads there school educations definitely helps them to keep themselves aways from any extremisms. Well eating is personal choice, I strongly believe. It is OK as long as it doesn't hurt someone feelings and is not associates with animal cruelty. One thing you didn't mention that, those Bengalis who eat Beef they eat Pork too. So Beef is not only the meat which Bengali Hindu consumes. Beef is cheap and easily available in parts of the Kolkata than other parts of the WB. Per my observation this practice is within Bengalis who are grown up or stays in the Kolkata or greater Kolkata. Coming back to argumentative nature, well you have to accept that Half knowledge or incomplete education/information brings this nature within ourselves. You,Me and everyone comes under this rule:). What matters is, to make yourself open to accept any views even when it goes against your fundamental views and spent time and effort to fact checks until you are completely satisfies. It is Human nature not necessarily associated with Bengalis only.
    Bengalis were never been so orthodox or traditional with Hindu rituals or customs. We can never compare Apple to Apple with our believes with other parts of the people who are in same religion or same caste. You are a Brahmin same do I. By now I have come across to many other Brahmins from different parts of the Indian state. Do you have meet any Brahmins who eats non-vegs (chicken, mutton and fish, egg)? Honestly speaking, we dont get consider as Brahmins within their groups. Do you ever see anywhere, GODs are offered non veg (fish mainly) items as prasadam? It is not because we are different. Does it harm us ..I say NO. That is the beauty to HINDU religion. We are open and we should remain OPEN and that will make ourselves more stronger and believer.

    Issue you mention related to Islamic extremism or political problems are there and we have to live with that, ignore that and protest to keep under control. Lets see this, considering main two religions in India (hindu and muslims) we can have four situations (all hindu and all muslims , muslim majority and hindu majority). All conditions is out of question remaining two we have to make balance. That will make our society more stronger. Yes we have to be careful and be diligent to make a balance between these two religions. Tries to make India as a Hindu dominant countries will only bring catastrophes and at the same time we need orgs like VHP, RSS to keep the Hindu dominance where it is questioned.
    Well I wrote a lot , probably comment become larger than the article here :)

    1. You say " Tries to make India a Hindu dominated countries will only bring catastrophes...." - How? India was "Hindu dominated" for several thousand years.And it flourished.Its present problems are because of Islamic invasions from 8th century onwards.

  2. Acha Ami to bangal to kon catagory

  3. You may be the hope Subhodeep! When Dr Hedgewar founded RSS and started organising Hindus in 1925 only a handful came forward.Today in 2016 RSS has 59000 Shakhas across the country and it has become the largest voluntary organisation in the world.I think Bengal and Bengalee Hindus [ all three categories!] are at an inflexion point.In next 10 years you will witness Hidu resurgence in Bengal.Vande Mataram

  4. As a north Indian who has very few bengali friends, this is a very fascinating post. I always found Bengali's as being people who think that producing a few award winning people from their community, marrying late with the excuse of individuality and allowing women to speak as much and as loudly as they like; makes them the most intellectual and liberal community. Bengalis like to talk about very specific list of books, specific list of topics (politics, religion, women's rights) and do so in a very specific way. They all echo the exact same opinions and seem to compete on who masters this handbook of being modern bengali the best. I do appreciate a culture of communication and discussion, and I used be fooled by the Bengali pretense of loud debates at being passionate, but as I have seen more of them through the years, I feel almost sympathetic towards their blurry vision of themselves.


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