Why are most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national?

Why are most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national?

This is truly a perplexing  question - as a pure-bred Bengali I found it very difficult to understand why most Bengalis hate Hinduism so much. This hatred is especially strong in Kolkata and suburb based so-called educated Bengali people, especially upper-caste Hindu Bengalis, who consider themselves intellectuals (but are not). On top of being anti-Hindu, these people are pro-Muslim, think or choose to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, support beef-eating and communism, and do not seem to mind Durga Puja rules being dictated by Hindu-haters. [1][2][3][4]

These Bengalis are loud, rude, illogical and argumentative. Their hatred for Hinduism, "Hindutva", BJP, RSS is so strong that they confuse the government with the nation, and generally comes across as anti-national.

This is strange and perplexing, because a large number of our freedom fighters and nationalists were Bengalis. The founder of Jana Sangh, the precursor of BJP, Shyama Prasad Mookerjea was a Bengali.

This is a question we must all understand. The issue needs nuanced handling, and as an insider I present my views of what I think are the reasons.

Although, most people think of us as one people, we need to understand that there are different  strands of Hindu Bengalis, with varying degrees of dhimmitude, Hindu hatred and ignorance. For those unaware, dhimmitude refers to a form of inferior life and slavish mentality under an Islamic rule (for example, Hindus were Dhimmis under Aurangzeb's fanatic Islamic rule and had a horrible life).

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East Bengalis (Bangals) in Kolkata

  • They are the majority of Hindu Bengalis and include people like Mamta Begum, Buddhadeb Bhattachary (ex-CM) and Jyoti Basu (ex-ex CM). They are those who or whose ancestors were killed, raped, massacred or kicked out by Islamists in Bangladesh/ east Pakistan and came here as refugees. Bangals are either pure dhimmis (99%) or staunch Dharmics (1%), having been under Muslim domination in Islamic Bangladesh for centuries. 
  • In West Bengal they became communists or TMC and support Indian "secularism" - a form of virulent and rabid Hindu-hatred and Muslim appeasement. [5][6]
  • Suffering from a strange from of Stockholm syndrome, they are the ones who allowed illegal immigration of Islamists from Bangladesh into West Bengal (the same Islamists whose ancestors raped and killed the Bangals's ancestors) for vote-bank and have now successfully converted West Bengal into Waste Bengal.[7]
  • They are out and out dhimmis, lazy and argumentative, beef-lovers, and Hindu haters - its easy to spot them in real life as well as social media, in Jadavpur University and in JNU in Delhi, and so on.
  • Most of CPIM supporters have traditionally been Bangals - today many have shifted to TMC because TMC is the baap of all Muslim appeasements.
  • However, there are some strong individual sane voices among the descendants of East Bengal refugees who call a spade a spade, and they denounce militant Islam, and support a Dharmic revival. They are in minority.
Why are Bengalis anti-Hindu - TMC

West Bengalis (Ghotis) in Kolkata and suburbs
  • They are minorities in terms of numbers and are original inhabitants of Western part of Bengal (my community) and have historically produced people like Swami Vivekanada, Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhamsa, Syamaprasad Mookerjea and other stalwarts. 
  • They are generally neither dhimmis nor Hindu haters, and at one time used to be hard-workers and knowledgeable.
  • But today they are easy-going to the extent of being lazy and argumentative. 
  • Today most Ghotis are ignorant fools, morons who don't care about Hinduism, suffer from serious inferiority complex and seriously believe that all religions are same, that Islam is a religion of peace, that Jesus is an avatar of Krishna and that communism is about removing poverty. Hence even today they are aligned with CPIM - earlier they also sided with Congress.
  • The idiot Ghotis have been brain-washed into believing that evil politicians from Hindu and Muslim camps partitioned India during British raj.  
  • When I point out that it was Muslims who demanded a Pakistan, and it was not Hindus who asked for Hindustan, they switch to Praveen Togadia, beef-politics and so-called Hindu fundamentalism.
  • I have gotten tired of arguing with my family members and friends who demand proof and argue when I say that all Islamists are terrorists, that Abrahamic monotheism inevitably leads to terrorism or that a raped Muslim woman needs 4 male witnesses to prove rape, else she will be stoned and lashed, and dubbed an adulterer. [8][9][10]
Why are Bengalis anti-Hindu - Ghoti

Today Bengali Brahmins and kayasthas (upper castes) in Kolkata and suburbs are a curse and a blot on Hinduism - the largest number of Hindu haters and meat/ beef eaters belong to these communities - rather than protecting dharma, they openly denigrate Hinduism and give Bengali Hindus a bad name.

Why do these Bengalis think they are superior?

My close friend Sayok Basu, a staunch rationalist and nonsense-hater explains it thus:

Most Bengalis suffer from a peculiar complex which includes a strange conviction that we are genetically, intellectually and cerebrally higher than our fellow countrymen who are primitive. Since we are burdened with this divine duty as descendents of higher cerebral beings we have to oppose whatever the rest of India thinks. To this end, following and parroting the propaganda of the likes of a certain Ghosh, Oberoi Didi and Allimudin Street is entirely acceptable and laudable indeed. God save my state and my men because they can't even help themselves.

I think this is a wonderful explanation of why many Bengalis today consider themselves argumentative.

Why do these Bengalis argue so much?

Only two types of people argue:
a. those who know
b. those who don't know

These elite city-based Bengalis like to believe that they are sophisticated, educated and cultured, which most are not, because the education system in West Bengal is notoriously bad - for 30 years the scoundrel communists used our education system to whitewash history and to spread their divisive agenda. These Bengalis believe that they are "rationalists" and anti-superstitious - but peculiarly their rationalism and fight against superstitions and barbarism, is restricted only to Hinduism (Hindutva, RSS, VHP, sati, women rights, dalit oppression).

Why do Bengalis criticize superstitions and backwardness only in Hinduism and not in Islam?

When I point out Christianity and Islam are full of superstitions and barbaric practices, they shrug their shoulders and say that we have so many problems, we should not point others mistakes if at all they exist. Such inferiority complex is truly horrifying.

In facebook whenever an article glorying Hinduism or India is published, or an article criticizing Islam or Christianity is published, it is a Bengali who first protests and says "What about Sati? What about Dalits? We have so many issues ourselves etc.?" If I point out verses from Koran that instigate violence or ask Muslims to kill Kafirs an chop off their limbs, the Bengali will immediately say "Even our Bhagavad Gita has violence", and all such nonsense.
  • They do this bullshit because most East Bengalis are dhimmis - the East Bengalis are shit scared of Muslims and look up to Mullas as their munib, as a result of 800 years of being under Islamic rule. 
  • They do this because most West Bengalis are idiots - they have no idea what Islam is or what danger militant Islam represents, and approach Islam from a Hindu point of view, and believe that all religions preach the same message. 
  • Which is total nonsense - saying that all religions are same is like saying that all fruits are same, all vegetables are same, all books are same or all doctors are same, or that all schools are the same. You want to put your son or daughter to the best school right?

Why do these Bengalis give so much bullshit on religion?

A typical commie or "rationalist" Bengali will say:
1. I don't believe in God.
2. All religions are the same.
3. No religion is perfect.

and many other such bullshit.

Many a times I have challenged these stupid mentally challenged Bengalis to a debate and simply asked them - have you read a single scripture in any religion before making your stupid comments? I mean, to make a comment on Newton's Laws of motion you need to study Physics and Newton's Laws of motion. Same rule applies to religion. You can make a comment after reading Vedas, Upanishads, Koran, Hadith, Bible - New Testament and Old Testament, Torah etc - only an UTTER IDIOT will make such stupid comments without doing any reading or knowing anything.

[And this is the reason also why today West Bengal is such a backward state - city people are ignorant but they think they are superior, city people are lazy and militant and do not do anything to gain knowledge. Village and town people are much better - but their politics is controlled from Kolkata and they are this made to suffer. The elite city-based Bengali and commie-followers are a bullshit group of losers, who give Bengalis a bad name.]

Bengalis in suburbs and villages, and non-upper caste Bengalis (Gram Bangla)
  • Ghoti or Bangal, people of Gram Bangla and most non-upper caste Hindu Bengalis are reasonable and rational people.
  • They are pro-Hindu, staunch nationalists and realize what is happening, and also realize that they were taken for a ride by CPM and especially by TMC. 
  • They are facing the brunt of radical Islam and Islam dominated political goonda-gardi.
  • It is from them that any resistance to Islamism is coming, and they can give as good as they get. The only thing they lack is political support.
  • People of towns and villages, the common Hindus of West Bengal are our only hope, especially given the below stats.
  1. Officially 70% of WB is Hindu and 30% Muslims - Hindu Bengalis are only 59% of WB.
  2. Officially 8% of BD is Hindu and 92% Muslims.
  3. Out of 10 Bengalis (WB + BD), only 3 are Hindus and 7 are Muslims (just as out of 10 Punjabis, 8 are Muslims, 1 is Sikh and 1 is Hindu)
  4. Hindu Bengalis in WB will become a minority by 2050 (as per my estimates based on last 100 years census data).
I hope this gives a good insight into what is happening to Bengalis in West Bengal and other places. It is not that most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national - but it is true that Bangals and Ghotis, especially upper-caste Hindus from Kolkata, the earlier refugee colonies in Kolkata, the suburbs are pure dhimmis, anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national, and would love nothing more than to see Hinduism dead.

My responses to some comments I have received:

1. Was I stoned while writing?
1. Unlike typical liberal Bengalis and antels of Kolkata, I do not smoke, drink or get stoned. I don't wear Guyebhora T-shirts either. And yes Mother Teresa was a fraud and a charlatan of the highest order.

2. Do I have a tiny brain?
2. Last time I checked my brain size was normal. But communists and Bangali aantels have tiny brains I have been told.

3. It is disgusting propaganda.
3. Says a communists/ leftist.

4. The tiny man is anonymous
4. No dickhead. My name is Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay. Just read the post.

5. And I also don't know if I read it right, or wrong, or both, or none.
5. Can you read at all?

6. Somebody took away his maacher jhol.
6. I am a Brahmin. I am a vegetarian. I don't eat fish, eggs or meat. Not a biriyani and egg-roll chomping glutton like you.

7. Aao kabhi Kolkata mein...
7. I am a resident of Kolkata, retard.
Thank You
My sincere thanks to Hindu Bengali libtards of Kolkata for making this essay go viral. The more you huff and puff and fume and use obscene language, the more vindicated I feel - that my analysis is spot on. And indeed the language of some of the comments like "I will kill you", "son of a ", profuse usage of genital parts etc, or threats to give poor ratings to my books because you don't agree with this essay, is nothing but a crystal clear reflection of your intolerant militant culture - of today's Hindu Urban Bengalis.

In this essay, for those who have bothered to read, I have called out the present day upper-caste educated left-libtards (of both ghoti and Bangal origin, albeit for different reasons) for what they are - hate-mongering divisive anti-nationals. In fact as I have said, the only hope for Bengal is lower castes and non-Kolkata/ non-suburb Hindus - and thankfully they form majority Hindu population of Bengal today and realize the damage caused by those who should have been protecting dharma instead of abusing it.

Also See Related Post: The Moronization of Upper Caste Hindu Bengalis of Kolkata

Image Sources

The image is that of Bangladesh where the police force and army were engaged in hunting for Hindu Kafirs [think: circumcision] and then exterminating them.

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  1. I appreciate that you said it is your personal view and I think you have every right to express your views in your Blog. No harm. I am commenting since the issues you have raised pondered me as well for many years and I am equally sad. In my view there are few other contributors towards the nature of 'these' intellectual (atalectual) modern bengalis. Lets discuss-

    First, no doubt Bengalis are more liberal in our life time than some other parts of India like UP, Bihar, TamilNadu or other southern or north/central Indian territories. There are many reasons associated with it. Regular School and High school education are good and not biased by any religion. All the school teachers used to be part of ABTA (coordination unit of CPIM) and following leftist secularism agenda, the teachers were careful to keep religion outside of the school premises. This used to be true in Hindu or Muslim dominated areas. Hence since school days, yound minds used to mold to accept both the religions. Now when these school students becomes young and becomes college/univ grads there school educations definitely helps them to keep themselves aways from any extremisms. Well eating is personal choice, I strongly believe. It is OK as long as it doesn't hurt someone feelings and is not associates with animal cruelty. One thing you didn't mention that, those Bengalis who eat Beef they eat Pork too. So Beef is not only the meat which Bengali Hindu consumes. Beef is cheap and easily available in parts of the Kolkata than other parts of the WB. Per my observation this practice is within Bengalis who are grown up or stays in the Kolkata or greater Kolkata. Coming back to argumentative nature, well you have to accept that Half knowledge or incomplete education/information brings this nature within ourselves. You,Me and everyone comes under this rule:). What matters is, to make yourself open to accept any views even when it goes against your fundamental views and spent time and effort to fact checks until you are completely satisfies. It is Human nature not necessarily associated with Bengalis only.
    Bengalis were never been so orthodox or traditional with Hindu rituals or customs. We can never compare Apple to Apple with our believes with other parts of the people who are in same religion or same caste. You are a Brahmin same do I. By now I have come across to many other Brahmins from different parts of the Indian state. Do you have meet any Brahmins who eats non-vegs (chicken, mutton and fish, egg)? Honestly speaking, we dont get consider as Brahmins within their groups. Do you ever see anywhere, GODs are offered non veg (fish mainly) items as prasadam? It is not because we are different. Does it harm us ..I say NO. That is the beauty to HINDU religion. We are open and we should remain OPEN and that will make ourselves more stronger and believer.

    Issue you mention related to Islamic extremism or political problems are there and we have to live with that, ignore that and protest to keep under control. Lets see this, considering main two religions in India (hindu and muslims) we can have four situations (all hindu and all muslims , muslim majority and hindu majority). All conditions is out of question remaining two we have to make balance. That will make our society more stronger. Yes we have to be careful and be diligent to make a balance between these two religions. Tries to make India as a Hindu dominant countries will only bring catastrophes and at the same time we need orgs like VHP, RSS to keep the Hindu dominance where it is questioned.
    Well I wrote a lot , probably comment become larger than the article here :)

    1. You say " Tries to make India a Hindu dominated countries will only bring catastrophes...." - How? India was "Hindu dominated" for several thousand years.And it flourished.Its present problems are because of Islamic invasions from 8th century onwards.

    2. Thinking of a balance between Muslim and Hindus is not possible because Islam has record of wiping out complete civilization within very short time. It will always in perpetual quest of wiping US so better we do that first.

    3. Muslims cannot live in peace with anybody. They are duty bound by their religious dictates to gobble up other religions, especially the pagan beliefs and the tolerant all-accepting Hinduism. Hindus will have to be mentally hard and psychologically ready to give multiple times back to any Islamic intransigence and for this the dhimmitude mentality among Hindus (even outside West Bengal) has to be targeted first. The education of children needs a different lessons in their curricula and a different set of perception molders to remove the mental slavery of Islam or the West. For this we have to junk Gandhis and Nehrus and bring in strong Hindu icons from past and present and rewrite the history of India and the world from Hindu perspective. P.N.Oak, Sita Ram Goel, David Frawley (Vamdeva Shastry), Subhash Kak, Koenraad Elst,Rajiv Malhotra,Stephan Knapp, etc needs to be read by Hindus.

  2. Acha Ami to bangal to kon catagory

  3. You may be the hope Subhodeep! When Dr Hedgewar founded RSS and started organising Hindus in 1925 only a handful came forward.Today in 2016 RSS has 59000 Shakhas across the country and it has become the largest voluntary organisation in the world.I think Bengal and Bengalee Hindus [ all three categories!] are at an inflexion point.In next 10 years you will witness Hidu resurgence in Bengal.Vande Mataram

  4. As a north Indian who has very few bengali friends, this is a very fascinating post. I always found Bengali's as being people who think that producing a few award winning people from their community, marrying late with the excuse of individuality and allowing women to speak as much and as loudly as they like; makes them the most intellectual and liberal community. Bengalis like to talk about very specific list of books, specific list of topics (politics, religion, women's rights) and do so in a very specific way. They all echo the exact same opinions and seem to compete on who masters this handbook of being modern bengali the best. I do appreciate a culture of communication and discussion, and I used be fooled by the Bengali pretense of loud debates at being passionate, but as I have seen more of them through the years, I feel almost sympathetic towards their blurry vision of themselves.

    1. Your 1st line says it all that you have had but a few Bengali friends...
      I do understand and agree that there are people here who dont really innovate or think out of the box but tend to follow certain fixed parameters be it food, Literature or politics.
      But then we are a lot of people and there are intellectuals and there are wannabees ...
      Its for you to comprehend if that person is for real or just another copy .
      So there are a lot of people who think differently and make life more beautiful here.
      Cheers !

  5. First of all any religion or for the matter, any organized body cannot be open to everything. It needs to differentiate and infuse morale and if it does not, religion is only a farce. Coming to Hinduism yes we are liberal to not snatch away anyone 's rights or opinion but simultaneously we can even die for our ideology. Religion must bring about restraint and by licking every creature for food I don't see any restraint in it. If all religions agree God created the world and man will be tried for his deeds after death, who has given us tge authority except few arrogant idiot mullahs to take away any life. Yes we are dependent on food for survival and we must cohabit, but not by taking life. There should be a civilized way. Just like to save human life we take blood from other human, but we do not cut someone's throat. Live and let others live.

    1. I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say. Except for the last sentence which I understand and agree.

    2. Anti Hindu due to influence of Brahma religion of Ram Mohan Ray, British colonial rule when calcutta was India's capital, prolonged Muslim rule in Bengal, presence of large number of Budhists during pre Islamic era ( pala dynasty), Ancient Bengal was primarily a tribal (people of low caste) area, North Indian upper caste people later started to inhabit this area, so there was always a conflict between the tribals and so-called Aryans. After independence, Bengalis started moving towards atheist and anti hindu communist parties, partition was one of the reasons for such preference.

    3. Anti Hindu due to influence of Brahma religion of Ram Mohan Ray, British colonial rule when calcutta was India's capital, prolonged Muslim rule in Bengal, presence of large number of Budhists during pre Islamic era ( pala dynasty), Ancient Bengal was primarily a tribal (people of low caste) area, North Indian upper caste people later started to inhabit this area, so there was always a conflict between the tribals and so-called Aryans. After independence, Bengalis started moving towards atheist and anti hindu communist parties, partition was one of the reasons for such preference.

    4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Madam. Agree with first 2 sentences. Ram Mohan Roy was a dick, a British slave etc.

      But about others about low caste, Aryans etc are wrong - they have absolutely no scientific basis.
      1. Genetically there is hardly any difference between so-called upper castes and so-called lower castes in Bengal.
      2. There were huge number of migrations from as well as to Bengal in the last 2000 years from ALL parts of India.
      3. Finally there is nothing called Aryans - it is a myth.

    5. Subhodeep,
      This might be of interest to you :

      This validates the Aryan Migration

      It is pretty apparent , the concept of Kulin Brahmins/Kshatriyas were created in Bengal to maintain a purer Genetic Line
      Doesnt mean that the Line was never compromised, but that was rarely so.
      So if you follow a pattern , you would find lot of differences between , the Castes
      You could easily find people with different features in bengal through some analysis
      But mostly we are a mixture of Australoid - Aryan - Mongoloid genetic stream.

    6. Thanks Mr Duke.

      I have read the said article, and it is a nonsensical article at best, misquoting and misrepresenting findings - pure garbage, as expected from a left extremist newspaper like The Hindu.

      Read the following rebuttals exposing the lies of communists/ leftists:

      Genetics has indeed proved Aryan migration - but rather an out of Indian migration - spread of Indo-European language families out of an Indian homeland along with R1a1a genetic marker which originated in India 15,000 years ago.


      For non-genetic proof based on Rig Veda, Avesta, Mittani plates see Shrikant Talageri's works.

      There was NO Aryan invasion ever into India - its a colonial relic which continues to be peddled by leftists, separatists and other anti-Indian forces for political reasons - whatever migration of language and culture happened, it was out of India. Do follow my new series on IndiaFacts.


  6. 2050 is correct - WB is doomed to islamic rule - hindu bengalis will be converted/kicked out and just like kashmiri pandits they will be forced out to neighbouring orissa or jharkhand and live like miserable wretched refugees after the islamic purge - but hindu bengalis will never learn their lessons andlike true dhimmies will continue to blame the central gov for their agonies - in 30 years its game over

    1. You are correct this will what happen in WB not in 2050 but earlier. Bengali choose Communist and then Mamta both of them almost converted WB to Muslim state they think Bengali Bengali bhai bhai but they forgot that Bengali Muslims are only Muslims. They dont have respect to Bengali Culture this will result that on fine morning Bengali Hindus will be wiped out from Bengal if Mamta, Congress or Communist come back to power Bengali Hindus must unite and throw out Mamta and give power to BJP it is only BJP which will defend Hindu Bengali's and I think that a day will come when Indian Army will take a very drastic step in Bengal and Kerala to wipe out Muslims.

  7. Subhamoy Pahari in his comment , started on the right track but somewhere digressed too much to the extent that his views were lost in translation. To summarize, these are the reasons( My View):
    1. Political History of WB ( post independence): CONGRESS RULE!!! Well, post independence, the idea of nationalism, freedom struggle, righteousness, elitism, foreign-bred, etc., etc., were all usurped by INCongress. This was a party full of thugs starting from the top rung of Nehru & Gandhi (True nationalist like Subhas Chandra Bose, Ballav Bhai Patel, etc had dissociated themselves from INC). They taught appeasement politics to the opposition till 1977. Then there was the left front rule for 3 odd decades which used the appeasement politics to perfection. Mamta Begum just takes it to the next level. A different league all together! A true champion of appeasement politics. So, what you see is the gradual progression of appeasement politics. Almost 8 decades of political brainwashing has resulted in brand of Bengalies who are confused, semi-educated, biased, argumentative, lazy, selfish and shortsighted. They owe their allegiance ONLY to their political masters and NO ONE. They have become like the frog in the well. They cannot (doesn't have the capability) think about the nation. To them, their "para" is their country and the local political leader is their Master. They cannot think or reason beyond the "Party Line" that their political masters have taught them to follow.
    2. Lack of Education: 3 odd decades ( more than one generation) of left front rule had ruined the education system. You will only find half-educated people arguing.
    3. Western Influence: When you are taught Marx, Lenin, Pollock and yet kept uneducated, you end up glorifying all things foreign not knowing why, because you do not have the education or the rationale to judge what is what. You are taught to idealize, revolution, protest, struggle etc. So now what would you protest against? You start protesting against your own values, culture, religion, etc. You have been taught that doing so will make you look "Liberal", "Progressive", "intellectual". This is again a deep rooted problem.

    Anyway, just vented out a few thoughts...

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Since you specifically mention Pollock, I would like to share a paper I presented at Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts, Delhi refuting Pollock's position on Shahstras using mathematics, and also won an Outstanding paper award.


  8. Every organised religion everywhere has only divided people. Mixing affairs of organised religion and affairs of state is a dangerous cocktail. Already the condition of earth is such that on an average human beings cannot spend more than one hour per day in direct contact with mother earth. Always suspended in air in some apartment or vehicle. Primetime on an average we spend three hours caught up in a traffic jam per day. Consuming pesticides in the name of food with all the consequences. These are just pointers to what is going to happen to this human species globally by the year 2050. With West Bengal being no exception.

    1. Noble thoughts but frankly irrelevant and tangential to our discussion in hand. Does not address why Hindu Bengalis are obstinately pig-headed when it comes to accepting their Hindu heritage, which I have pointed out.

      Only Hinduism can save Bengal - not Christianity, not Islam and not Communism. Vande Mataram.

  9. Yes, I agree with the analysis I don't know y wb people Give so much importance on Muslims. We have suffered a lot after partition, the Bengali hindus are such people who hates the hindubrother of his country. We had given a choice to Muslims to form their own country even after those who decided to stay in India are welcomed. Thereafter y such propaganda of settling Muslims in West Bengal. They never know consequences. Nothing is to say abt cpm they think they are superior than God. Best of luck Bharat o Bhagya vidhata. I feel westbengal people actually do so they have perception that British did their best hence we need to follow them. But they don't realise that British did is to safeguard the race of British and to reign in India.

  10. I had been in West Bengal, traveled length and breadth of state, It is one of the most underdeveloped state in india, therefore intelligent Bengals are out west Bengal, Due to 30 years rule of Communist, West Bengal to waste Bengal . shameless appeasement by politician, Bengalies are in the illusion they intellectual, they were not now . During Shankar Siddarath Rai tenure 14 public sector industries were there, now most of them closed due to adamant, communist mind set, only communist leader will grow not people, they preach socialism for poor, they should in poverty. ( ex. Mr.Jyothi Basu's son's Bengal lamps in Bengalore ). Culturally, morally devalued. Law and order very bad shape, TMC is competing with communist for appeasement for power sake, No one can save Bengal, people of Bengal have to realize the reality and work hardly not hardly working towards Bengali future.

  11. Just to add 90% of the Bongal came to India from East Pakistan post 1950s were actually Mullas. They came to for abetter life and presented them as Hindus, as Joyti Basu.

  12. Just to add 90% of the Bongal came to India from East Pakistan post 1950s were actually Mullas. They came to for abetter life and presented them as Hindus, as Joyti Basu.

  13. Just to add 90% of the Bongal came to India from East Pakistan post 1950s were actually Mullas. They came to for abetter life and presented them as Hindus, as Joyti Basu.

  14. This article have done a brilliant analysis of Bengali community at large and Ghoti ( which is mine too ) in particular. Today in India we are discussing about creation of vote bank politics but Bengal started that way before by influxing huge number of refugees and handing over ration card to them within 1 day of their arrival.
    I just seen reflection of my life events what writer mentioned in the article. Thanks brother for such in-depth analysis.

  15. I think you are little more than 100% correct. I have realized this over the years and finally I don't have any bengali's around me.

  16. I was born and brought up in Calcutta till I attained ten years. Later I moved to another place in Andhra and there was no much interaction with Calcutta. Later due to my professional demand I was posted in Calcutta and I stayed in Calcutta for two years. I love Calcutta very much, I do not know why, but I have inexplicable fascination for Calcutta and its people. I accept the fact that the Bengali pride or their feelings were destroyed by the long Muslim rule, the British rule and then the CPM lead by Jyothi Basu. The Jyothi Basu government completely destroyed the WB from top to bottom. Laziness, no work ethics, no accountability, aggressive attitude, craze for easy money without hard work, have become order of the day. Now the conversion of Sonar Bangla into a Waste land by Mamta Benarjee is complete and certain. She is shameless, emotional and least concern for the nation as a whole.

  17. Bengal is hurtling towards all-round disaster, on the degenerative fast-track towards becoming the next Kashmir. Bengali (so called) intelligentsia has hurt national interests so much more than even Kashmir because of their prominence in the news and other media. I understand exactly how you feel because I'm from Kerala and it's fast turning into Bengal. It's sad because Kerala too has had a rich spiritual, artistic, literary and cultural heritage but is hell bent on alienating itself from the rest of India by its abominable stupidity wrapped in the cloak of modern liberalism and secularism.

  18. With humble apologies let me add that your views of urban Bengalis are severely restricted. Urban Bengalis (specially those who live in Kolkata) are in general atheist and do not believe in any idiocy, be it Hinduism or Islam. To us (as I am one of them), both are equally nonsense. Furthermore we are clearly aware of the threats of terrorism that is building up in Islam and the threats of fascism that is brewing in Hinduism. We are also aware of pitfalls of communism though for 34 long years our state was under powers of communist government because of rural "hindu" votes. India has to walk a long way to understand the thought processes of urban Bengalis as half of India is not educated enough and the other half is educated in colonial victorian systems that never encourage creative free thinking. Till then while you sulk, let us relish both beef and pork.

    PS: Some people may argue that we go for elaborate celebration of Durga Puja. Obviously we do, bu that is more from aesthetic and creative purposes and for keeping a tradition alive rather than having a strong bent towards conservative hinduism.

    1. Thank you for your views and let me respectfully add that your answer is a perfect summary of what ails Hindu Urban Bengalis (HUB) of Kolkata today. I will just give you three examples.

      1. Have you studied either Hinduism or Islam? Like ever read Indian darshanas, understood Advaita Vedanta or Nyaya ? Ever read the Koran or Hadis? Most HUB have not, yet they make sweeping statements - calling Hinduism nonsense and whatever.

      2. The use of the word atheist shows your lack of understanding of Hinduism. Atheism is not even an Indian category - it is a pure Abrahmaic category and a rejection of monotheism. Even I am an atheist because I reject idiotic notions like a terrorizing Allah or homophobic violent Gods. There is no monotheism in Hinduism, hence notions like atheism are alien - but this you or a HUB would know only if had ever bothered to study Hinduism.

      3. Have you ever openly criticized Islam? I am sure you would not hesitate to lambast Hinduism - but would you dare support someone who draws a cartoon of Profit? Most likely an average HUB will not - and that is sheer hypocrisy.

      And this is the problem with Hindu Urban Bengalis - not yours - but others, a combination of ignorance and hypocrisy - they have not studied religion, especially Hinduism, yet make sweeping statements like "I reject Hinduism" etc, they think that eating pork and beef makes them liberal

      That's why non-Bengalis laugh at us, and why Islamists are rapidly taking control of WB. We may think we are superior, but the joke is on us.

    2. Spot on..subhodeep..really bengalis suffer.from superiority complex..its really.hilarious...eating berf and pork is considered liberalism..what a microscopic view of being liberal..and ms. Nilabra banerjee..stay in mumbai nd u will understand true meaning of beimg liberal..ur views are really very microscopic version of reality..what a dumb argument..

    3. Hear Hear. Hinduism is nonsense but the threat of fascism is from Hinduism ? Are all Bengalis retards or you are an exception.

  19. Spot on.

    The best part was the description of rotten education system in West Bengal.

    I am a Bengali but I was brought up amongst people of all other communities and had my upbringing everywhere other the west bengal. I really feel lucky.

    I completely understand what you are trying to convey and I wish god save these people.

  20. My "Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife" which is in the public domain through umpteen number of ebook sites including Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press is all and more of -
    When a bunch of apparently non-practicing Musalmans headed by Mohamed Atta launched that fidayeen attack on New York’s World Trade Centre that Sep 11, the world at large, by then familiar with the ways of the Islamic terrorism, was at a loss to fathom the unthinkable source of that unexpected means of the new Islamist scourge. The symptoms of a latent terrorist in the Muslim youth can be traced to the sublimity of Muhammad's preachings in Mecca and the severity of his Medina sermons, which make Islam a Janus-faced faith that forever bedevils the mind of the Musalmans.
    Puppets of Faith is a novel thought-provoking non-fiction that examines how the Musalmans tend to be the victims of the Islamic psyche, shaped by the proclivities of their prophet, vicissitudes of his life, attitudes of his detractors and the credulity of his followers, which the mechanism of their umma perpetuates. Besides analyzing the psyche of Muhammad and the submission of the Muslamans that tend to shape the Islamic ethos of separateness, how this could possibly govern the Muslim psyche is scanned with “I’m Ok – You’re Ok”, the famous work of Thomas A. Harris, with their religious creed from Roland E Miller’s “Muslim Friends–Their Faith and Feeling”, as the probe.
    Also, besides depicting the ironies of the faiths that affected the fate of the peoples, eclipsed the cultures of communes, altered the course of history and afflict the politics of the day this book examines how the sanaatana dharma came to survive in India, in spite of the combined onslaught of Islam and the Christianity on Hinduism for over a millennium. This book is for those who wish to be aware of the follies of their faith and the foibles of others to lighten the burden of dogma and reduce the baggage of prejudice postulated in its thirty-four well-structured chapters.
    Link to the free ebook at Project Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.us/eBooks/WPLBN0002827707-Puppets-Of-Faith--Theory-of-Communal-Strife-by-Murthy-B-S-.aspx?

  21. Nice article indeed! To a great extent it explains the prevalent hog headed mindset of Hindu Bengalis. Hindu Bengalis had been under influence of communists for a considerable period of time which had in effect diluted their religiousness to the extent that they now question the authenticity of their own religion. Current CM of West Bengal has capitalized upon ever increasing muslim votes to grab power and did it quite easily because everything was acceptable to the Hindu mindset in name of secularism. Kolkata city with its metro life hardly finds time to dwell upon religious matters as earning money, seeking sensual pleasures, listening to Rabindra sangeet with wine seems to be the only religion and culture of Hindu Bengalis residing there.

  22. I believe such articles should be spread among those idiots who celebrate beef festivals publicly

  23. It's a wrong analysis about Bengalis over all. We are majorly not anti hindu. This is a land of Logical Rational Hindus. We don't believe in GoMata style Hindutva.
    You may not like it to hear!!
    We don't get Devine pleasure putting our head into cowdung what many of you and BJP fellows get...that's a major difference..otherwise rest of the analysis is kind of okay..acceptable.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views.

      The last rationalist in Bengal died with the end of Navya Nyaya and Nyaya in Navadvipa and Bhatpara. We do not have people likes of master logicians and rationalists like Panchanan Tarkaratna or Mahamahopadhaya Shivchandra Sarvabhauma anymore.

      If you have read the essay you will see that I have devoted a full section to so called present day rationalists of Bengal. Today we are filled with pseudo-rationalists and aantels of all hues and colors and that is a reality.

  24. 1. Please read Ghare Baire by Rabindranath Tagore to understand how to critically write about nationalism. (This is not a critical article, it is a man's quest to prove himself right, a problem that is representative of the same "Bengalis" you condemn. Also seen in any extremist irrespective of religion, ethnicity and community).
    2. Your immature critical abilities are a result of not eating fish. Please do so immediately.

    1. You have not read my article - it clearly shows. And this again is what ails present generation Bengalis - they make bombastic statements without any basic knowledge.

      To respond:
      1. I am talking about Hindu Bengali's being anti-national today - in the last 40 years. Before that there was no dearth of nationalists - and I have written the same in my article. This you could have known had you bothered to read the essay - but no, you have to comment and argue before any study. Hence it justifies my title.

      2. Are you even serious? Is that what they teach you in colleges today - that eating fish promotes mature critical abilities?

      Lady, you have a bright future ahead of you if you put ypur mind to it - ektu porashuno koro, dont get side tracked by leftist propaganda and think for yourselves for heavens sake.

      Thanks for reading and do keep coming back here.

  25. Dear, subhodeep mukhopadhayay,
    Just keep in mind one thing that, এই লেখাটা লেখার পর তুমি যে এখনো জীবিত আছ , তা কেবলমাত্র , এই রাজ্য পশ্চিমবঙ্গ হওয়ার জন্য ।
    Kichu bangali je ekhon kotota nongra r antel hoye ge6e, tomay dekhe bojha jay.

  26. Ke re tui bara? Toke rastay pele kochu-kata korbo, tu mil kabhi bahar.

    1. Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay writes on Indian history and current socio-political issues. His areas of research include human rights abuse, slavery and homosexuality in Islam and Christianity. His other areas of research are terrorism, bigotry and racism in the context of Abrahamic monotheistic faiths. Subhodeep is a big critique of communism, multiculturalism, and monotheism and considers them to be three of the biggest frauds ever perpetuated on mankind. He looks forward to world peace which can only come about by India becoming a civilizational Hindu Rashtra in the near future, and spreading spirituality to all corners of the globe.

      He is the author of three books
      - The Complete Hindu's Guide to Islam
      - Ashoka the Ungreat
      - Legendary Mughal Kings: Homosexuality and Pederasty in South Asia, Pakistan and Bangladesh

      You can also find me writing on platforms like :
      IndiaFacts - http://indiafacts.org/author/subhodeep-mukhopadhyay/
      MyIndMakers - https://www.myind.net/Home/authorArchives/254
      Quora - https://www.quora.com/profile/Subhodeep-Mukhopadhyay

  27. Truck load of bull shit! 😀 😀 utter nonsense.

    1. You are talking about communism, socialism and leftism I would presume? Yes then I agree.

    2. Sostar jonopriyotar jonno r koto rongo je korte hobe. I am talking about both your article and communism socialism etc etc.

    3. Thank you for sharing my article and making it famous. Much appreciated.

      You can also read my new book -The Complete Hindu's Guide to Islam.

  28. You don't prefer eating chicken or mutton , that's your preference, but why do you despise people who do? Everybody has a right to choose their eating habits.
    You seem to detest anybody or anything that doesn't fall under the "Hindu" ideology. Given a chance , you'd clearly have only Hinduism to prevail in Bengal. Is that not extremist too?

    1. Dear Sayanti Madam,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please see my responses below.

      Q. You don't prefer eating chicken or mutton , that's your preference, but why do you despise people who do?
      A. I don't.

      Q. Everybody has a right to choose their eating habits.
      A. Yes. Similarly a cow or hen has the right to not being eaten.

      Q. You seem to detest anybody or anything that doesn't fall under the "Hindu" ideology.
      A. Not true.
      - I support capitalism
      - I support pagan religion revivalism of Europe.
      - I support Israel and its policy towards Arabs and Palestine.
      - I support Putin and Trump.
      - I support Russia's position on Syria.

      Q. Given a chance , you'd clearly have only Hinduism to prevail in Bengal.
      A. Yes

      Q. Is that not extremist too?
      A. No

  29. Totally agree with u. The way this state is going the year will not be 2050 but much sooner. And Hindu Bengali will have to flee to Orissa.

  30. Interesting article - I both agree and disagree on some points.

    For best book on Desi Indian Romance.


    And more ....

    1. And which points may they be on which you both agree and disagree? Pray tell me .. I wait with bated breath.

  31. Let me disagree on one point you said. As a bengali, you should also respect for the ancient Maritime culture of Bengal. Yes, Bengal is traditionally fish eating. So being a vegetarian or non vegetarian doesn't equal to the anti-national status..

    Now on most points I agree. I personally have observed three thoughts of Bengali.

    1. Socialist/Marxist- This is probably a big hangover and is like this because of the decades of communism which generally goes into the anti-foreign policy of the US.

    2. Raja Ram Mohan Roy: This is the largest section of Bengalis in my opinion. Essentially a Macaulayputra who is devoted to the idea that everything good happens in the west in terms of social theories and India must constantly upgrade itself against the standard meter of the west in order to be more mature. Ram Mohan Roy's status to Raja was given by William Jones as a token of selling the culture out.

    3. Swami Vivekananda : This is the group that want's to add to the greater narrative of Bharat. One who has shattered the deep intellectual colonisation, who judges work on merit and embraces the Vedic past of India and tries to reform using homegrown reforms. Essentially the smartest adhere to this. Essentially these sort of people have reformed Bengal to where it is.

    In recent times, a new group is rising which is engrossed in American pop culture and contrasts them with the Indian society. This is a dangerous trend and an indirect slow but sure inculturation.

    And yes I believe that is the village people , the true Indians , the non-English educated , where in lies the true civilisation of India that has long being suppressed. This section of people are the most naive and inculcate the Vedic values in their lives maybe unknowingly. What we need is to educate this lot with the theory of the Vedic values. Only then and only then can we reach stellar heights. Otherwise suppressing differences and going forward will make the state implode.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and let me tell you I am immensely glad that at last someone has contributed constructively to this discussion rather than resorting to leftist style goonda-gardi, ignorance and pig-headedness of most urban Hindu Bengali libtards of Kolkata. And you have made some extremely valid points.

      But let me also clarify my take on the first paragraph.

      Q: "As a bengali, you should also respect for the ancient Maritime culture of Bengal."
      A: I do. And I am proud of it. From founding Sri Lanka to traveling/ peopling Indonesia/ SE Asia, I am extremely proud of Bengali maritime heritage.

      Q: Yes, Bengal is traditionally fish eating.
      A: I agree.

      Q: So being a vegetarian or non vegetarian doesn't equal to the anti-national status..
      A: Exactly. I never said so. I merely said that :
      a. eating beef and pork does not make one liberal
      b. a cow and a hen have the right to choose not to be eaten
      c. I am a vegetarian because I take my Hindu Brahminhood quite seriously

      To expound: I believe in the philosophy of least harm, which is the cornerstone of Hindu thought.
      - how can I survive without harming others to a lesser degree?
      A. If I have a choice between meat and dal, I will choose dal. Therby I will incur lesser bad karma. This will ease my path towards Brahman realization.
      - Am I against killing?
      A. No. A mad dog must be killed, a diseased cow must be killed and a jihadi Islamist mist be killed. By killing one, we would be doing greater good to humanity. And that is Dharma - causing least harm and enjoying sustainable living.

      Regarding your other points, I totally agree. I had come across some of the points in Surajit Dasgupta's thesis - part of a short talk he gave in Delhi. You may kindly view that.

  32. Another group which I have discovered are the Neo-Vedantis who thinks they every sort of tradition is primitive and lofty Upanishadic thoughts are the best. This is an internal threat to Hinduism.

  33. not 'most' but only cacophony brigade.........due to long rule by jihadis, noakhali and commi rule.........

  34. Don't knock Bengalis, they're are the only people in the world who can give a historically grounded class analysis of their own mother's rape, usually by a Muslim. This is the standard analysis now of the horrendous Noakhali pogrom of murder, abduction, gang rape and forced conversions by Muslims that 'educated' Bengalis instantly provide!
    Let them join Bangladesh for more of the same but be sure to build Trump's Mexican wall at the new Indo Bangladesh border near Bihar.
    Virtually every kind of Bengali I encounter talks nonsense because the best educated fled long ago after the CPM came to power with Muslim peasant support and decided to decimate the bourgeois culture inherited from Vivekananda Tagore, Satyajit Ray, et. al. The CPM destroyed any vestige of Hindu landownership, however, small, through operation 'bagra', handing it over to Muslim cultivators. This is how the original Muslim invaders seized Hindu land after the Khilji genocide. And all the idiot Bengali academics abroad, from MIT and Columbia to Oxbridge and Presidency, think it was the greatest act of egalitarianism! But they themselves are not about to return to Kolkata, sacrificing their annual US$ 200,000 incomes!

    1. Salute to your reply ..... These liberads, Maccus through out their student and professional career spew venom against capitalism and west but send their daughters and son to same place and given chance will sleep with infected bitch for Europe's Visa.

  35. Dwaipayan ChakrabortyJune 30, 2017 at 8:02 PM

    Dear blog writer I am fascinated at this candid commentary. Needless to say Iagree with you. Hindu Bengalis will be like Dodos in some time, evolutionary laggards. Thanks God I will not live to see that day. But I want to do something before that. Hope I get a chance.

  36. You just put all my views on paper and for that this thaliched aantel Bangaal opportunist thanks you. Btw I did leave my so called cushy academic job and returned to Delhi and briefly tried Bongaal but had to run. Thank you again, well written piece of truth and thats gonna get you some real butthurt comments.

  37. The Tiny Man keep writing and updating your posts. I support your thought and vigour. Today one fren of mine shared u r post on my watsup. thereafter, i searched u on the internet and subscribed u r blog... keep it up..Subhodeep.

  38. we support u r line of thought..keep posting and updating such posts... keep it up Subhodeep...

  39. What do you think of Iswarchandra Vidyasagar?

  40. Subhodeep ,it is wonderful post by you.You have beautifully unmasked the face of the so called intellectual bengalees. I sometimes question myself why the hell,bengal was partitioned and we had to suffer as refugees in India. I have on many occasions ,during discussions have seen the bengalees claiming themselves to be more enlightened then others. This may be the hangover of the British rule ,which had enlightened this part with their western culture and the likes of Ram mohan Roy were born.Being a bengali ,what hurts me most is that bengal has now become one of the underdeveloped states. The educational institutions have become the breeding ground for antinationalism and hindu haters. Rightly pointed by you, the so called intellectual will comment on hindu religion without reading the scriptures.They will boast of giving to the nation the great men like Ramkrishna paramhansa ,Swami Vivekanada but forget that it was the greatness of Hindu religion that made them great.Finally i will request you to carry on your mission to expose these pseudo intellectuals.

  41. Subhodeep ,it is wonderful post by you.You have beautifully unmasked the face of the so called intellectual bengalees. I sometimes question myself why the hell,bengal was partitioned and we had to suffer as refugees in India. I have on many occasions ,during discussions have seen the bengalees claiming themselves to be more enlightened then others. This may be the hangover of the British rule ,which had enlightened this part with their western culture and the likes of Ram mohan Roy were born.Being a bengali ,what hurts me most is that bengal has now become one of the underdeveloped states. The educational institutions have become the breeding ground for antinationalism and hindu haters. Rightly pointed by you, the so called intellectual will comment on hindu religion without reading the scriptures.They will boast of giving to the nation the great men like Ramkrishna paramhansa ,Swami Vivekanada but forget that it was the greatness of Hindu religion that made them great.Finally i will request you to carry on your mission to expose these pseudo intellectuals.

  42. Not at all agreed. I am waiting for your reply, my answer is there in the link below.


  43. Dear Subhodeep, I never knew this blog existed till a friend emailed the link. And lo ! What a pleasant surprise. First of all, congratulations on calling a spade a spade. Being a Bong who was born in Kolkata but spent all my growing up years in North Indian schools & colleges as also on job, I find it impossible to relate to this sick 5% who masquerade as leftists, librerals and secularists. There is an easy way to find out how lib and secular they are. Just suggest marraige of their sons or daughters to a Muslim and you will see the other nd real side. Leftism, lib and secularism to these folk are a fad to be indulged in by a minuscule population of highly ignorant and arrogant folk who have never travelled anywhere in rural Bengal to know the ground reality. These people think that they alone know whats good for all and the country and keeps boring us with their unsolicited, unrealistic and absurd advice. In the course of my stay in Kolkata, I have come across endless commies who have never read even the Das Kapital and yet they will like you to believe they are die hard commies. It makes me shudder to think that these people are so rabidly anti Hindu but yet they go gaga over Vivekananda & Ramkrishna Paramahans without having heard or read them.

    Never have I come across such an uttterly confused bunch as this Bong antel crowd. Unfortunately, it is this crowd ( and not the vast majority of non Kolkata Bongs ) who make themselves heard across the country. Contrary to what they may think, it is this bunch of people who have reduced Bengalis to being laughing stock in the country. I have tried my best but failed to understand their intellectual snobbery where it is actually slavery. They claim that the saffron brigade is intolerant and fascist yet they rabidly intolerant of any view or thinking which is even minutely at variance with theirs.

    Good blog. Keep it up. However I do feel for your safety. I have kept myself anonymous bcoz I have before tasted the gross intolerance of these highly tolerant libtards and antels.

    Lastly, the Begum too has not learnt from the Left that Muslims belong to nobody. The way they kicked the Left's backside inspite of the extreme appeasement and molly coddling for 34 long years is a lesson even an idiot would have learnt quickly. Another thing my vast circle of non Bongs very rightly fail to comprehend is her pathological hatred for the left. She is even more Left than the left they say and with good reason. Further, one issue which no one seems to have caught on is the huge demographic change in N.Bengal foothills. Entire Dooars and Terai has seen an exponential increase in Nepali population over the last decade and today they are claiming entire Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar and Cooch Behar districts as Gorkhaland. Remember the great Bhutan purge some 10 years ago when Bhutan just threw out Neps as they were increasingly demanding self rule and rights in a country where they had initially gone to earn a living ? No need to guess. The then Left govt rehabilitated all of them with citizenship documents like ration and voter cards just like they had done encouraging illegal immigration from Bangladesh. All for votes. And to our detriment.

    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful comments. I was truly not aware of the Nepali situation in North Bengal.

  44. Hi Shubhodeep, Firstly let me congratulate you on writing such a wonderful unbiased article. Believe me, when i read this article, it was as if you were speaking what i had thought of all these years about us bongs. Agree with each of the points you raised.

    The smirk and holier-than-thou attitude of a typical bong pseudo-intellectual (without reading a page about religion, spirituality , hinduism or RSS - their favorite whipping boy, so to speak) makes me so so angry.
    The most irritating part is pretending to be blind to islamic atrocities while condemning a hindu/hinduism for it's slightest folly.

    Me thinks the only solution to this bengali malice is to provide children from every family a sound physical education(read:martial arts). It's only when we produce a generation that are able to defend themselves physically that all these lofty 'antel' theories would ever matter. The sole purpose of the theories of bengali antels is to antels is to hide their cowardice.

    As a side note - very surprised read about a bengali brahmin who does not eat meat. Appreciate your stand brother!
    Always had a grudge about people who celebrate the most important day of the year for Shaktas (durga ashtami) by giving more importance to a place of mutton biryani than Maa's Puja rituals or sanctity. But i see that as a deeper reflection of the place of religion in bengali society by and large.

    1. Thanks. As you said physical education is a must - earlier we had culture of fighting, yoga, byam, kusti - Swami Pranabananda & Vivekananda both stressed on strong body. This intellectual antlamo/ egg roll gluttony / bhuri and chorbi culture - in other words, fat, unhealthy bengalis will destroy WB.

  45. Shubhodeep, sorry to say that I never read such a narrow minded write up. In my opinion, fighting over religion is like two people woke up from sleep, started arguing that my dream is better than your dream. This shows how ignorant people are. Why can't we call criminals as anti-social, not by their cast or religion ? When people were fighting whether there would be Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid, one Bengali writer and poet, Sunil Ganguly wrote that there should be a hospital instead of a temple or mosque where everyone should be treated, Hindu or Muslim. RSS supporters always give example about Shyamaprasad but feel shy to talk about Rabindranath Tagore. They neither have courage to criticize him nor they can give any example from his numerous writings to support Anti-Muslim propaganda. When Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee became chief minister in 2000, one Bengali journalist jokingly wrote that after 29 years, one Brahmin (last one Ajay Mukherjee in 1971) became CM of West Bengal. It's a joke in Bengal but not in any other state in India (except probably Kerala). I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. When you grew up, you could have found yourself in a Muslim family in Kolkata. At least, I hope you agree that we have no control over where we will take birth. Would you then write the same article about Bengali people ?

    1. Your assertions are laughable, and best to keep your opinion to yourself. Because frankly nobody cares.

    2. You wrote a brilliant article analysing the reasons for the negative aspects of Bengali character Shubhodeep There is a word in Bengali language "pnodpaka"! Most Bengalis are exactly that.

  46. A very good topic, often this question came to my mind the change of Hindu Bengali. I have noticed from childhood that our Hindu Bengalis living outside Bengal maintain own traditions culture and restrict to Bengali Hindu food habits, this I noticed from childhood as my childhood spent with my parents (my Father) who was in Army. It can also be noticed that Hindu Bengalis living in different state maintain the Hindu food habits and culture reasons as per the religion. Accepting the fact of difference in Hindu Bengalis living in Kolkata and other parts of the country. It is only because of the vote bank politics of Bengal the political parties either CPM or the present have Eyewashed and Brainwashed the people of Bengal to forget the it's own identity culture food and all that is noticeable

  47. I totally agree it most of the content........ however you must consider the following facts for the Prevalent Dhimminess among the Bengali Hindu:
    550 Years of Mughal Ruke
    250 Years Jewish Rothschild owned East India Company Rule
    30 Years of Commie Rule
    and Now Hariyaali ( Green Party)

    All these has contributed to the prersent situation.

    I stronly feel that even Rabindranath Sangeet along with Satyajith Ray flicks which always shows the man as a weak, confused, dependent all the qualities of a beta male, has made the Bengali Hindu Youth self loathing with regards to religion. no pride in Being Hindu.

    However things are gradually changing and recent political developments is contributing to the slow gradual systematic awakening of the Bengali Hindus in Bengal.

    Vabde Mataram
    Aditya Ch.

  48. As a Bengali Brahmin Hindu, let me shed some light on this question raised by you: "Why are most Bengalis anti-Hindu?"

    1- Let me keep my answer as brief as possible. You argue that Bengalis are argumentative but then there is so much to read in your original post. Huh?

    2-No, I don't think most Bengalis think they are cerebrally superior to other Indians. We are a humble people. A lot of my non-Bengali friends bring up the usual stuff about Bengalis being more intelligent because of their fish diet, that many of us are lazy etc. I usually dismiss such ideas off-hand. Every individual is unique and different. I don't judge people based on what state they originate from. I am sure there are plenty of Bengalis (and people from other states of India) who think like me. Sadly, there are a loud minority of stereotype believers in every community. Every time they bring up a silly argument, I see it my duty to silence them for unnecessary generalizations.

    3-One reason you might think a lot of Bengali Hindus (even Brahmins) are such pro-Muslim is because of shared values in cuisine, art, culture, music etc. Bengali, Oriya and Assamese Hindus (including Brahmins) are hard core non-vegetarians. As a result, we'd rather hang out with Indian Muslims (who we believe are 100% patriotic) than many Veggie communities of India. There is no hatred. As a Bengali, you just can't hang out with someone who dislikes non-veg food. In my college, I had dated a Muslim girl although neither of us were very serious for long-term. I even met her parents and got along well with them. They were very nice people. She's still a very good friend of mine. One thing we did have in common was our love for kebabs, Biryani, and other exotic foods. For her, the only condition was that the meat should be halal. No big deal for me. I wouldn't be caught dead eating "baingan ka bharta", "mutter paneer" and "Veg pulao". The only thing I have in common with my North Indian brothers is our love for alcohol. I enjoy a decent beer and scotch. That's a topic you don't really bring up with your Muslim friends.

    4-Until the Partition in 1947, Undivided Bengal was a highly tolerant and secular region. Present day Bengali Hindus continue to see Muslims as humans first. What's wrong with that picture? That explains our deep dislike for RSS-Hindutvadis and communal politics of North and West India. You can say, we just don't "get it". Bengali Hindus believe in keeping their religion a PRIVATE affair. Many choose to be atheists. So, every time some damned fool like Pravin Togadia or Mohan Bhagwat is preaching about Hinduism, it makes us yawn. We're just not interested in RSS-Saffronization politics. The same goes true for Kerala I suppose. I never met a Kerala Hindu that was a diehard RSS fan. These are two states where RSS-Saffronization will never succeed. Most of them eat beef. Many Bengali Hindus don't eat beef but we support the right of others to eat whatever they please.

    IN SUMMARY: Bengali Hindus can't stop being liberal any more than the Sun stops arising in the East.

    1. Yawn ... yadda ... yadda ... usual pseudo-secular aantalami ... dont you guys ever get tired? When your grandson starts saying "Allah hu Akbar" and gets circumcised, maybe then you'll realize ... or maybe you never will.

  49. Hats off to you Subhodeep, very well written ..I've lived in Calcutta for 5 years and I completely agree with what you have written.. I hope and pray that Ram rajya is established in India during our lifetime

  50. Great article. Proud of you. I wish more Bengalis were like Swami Vivekananda & SP Mukherjee rather than these idiotic, argumentative self-suicidal, self proclaimed-intellectual, good for nothing dhimmis.

  51. A lot of presumptions with zero knowledge about Bengal. That's how "modern" bengalis have become. What else can you expect from the likes of those who say Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a "traitor". Muslims are fucking Bengal today, Biharis and UP Hindus will fuck Bengal tomorrow. The way they breed like rats and congest Calcutta. You want Bengali Hindus to develop? The 1st step would be to stop migration, both from neighboring states and from across the border. Else write bullshit blogs and wait for the doom.

    1. So you are what? Encyclopedia Bengalica? You don't even have the guts or the decency to state your name - and are ranting because you are basically insecure. Write a proper factual response or rebuttal to my article, else you will become encyclopedia moronica.
      PS: And get lost if you have nothing concrete to share. No one invited you here.

    2. I think both of you are in same plane. I failed to understand why unknown commenter is scolding Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay. Let start a all Ghoti party / movement asking quotas .. ha ha ha .

    3. Your thinking is wrong.

      Article ta ghoti-bangal niye noye - kichu specific Kolkata o parshoborti elakar idiot bangal ebong ghoti der niye. Ebong ei antel gulo ekdom nonsense - agey baam somorthok chilo, ekhon kichu trinamool - kintu basic ideology ekhono ekai "manchi na manbo na" / "rastaye bero tookey dekhe nebo". Torkey here gelei "Modi/ GST/ HIndutva" - kintu America-ye giye poisa rojagaar korar somoy communism vanish.

      I am not in the same plane like Unknown
      a. karon ami chiro kaal ei idiot-der birrudhe protibaad kore eschi.
      b. I try my best to work for the betterment of society
      c. I gave up an AVP promotion and corporate career so that I could serve dharma, and I dont expect anything in return.

      I am willing to accept genuine criticism from ANYONE but I will not accept foolish opinions and gala-gali from random Bengali morons.

    4. Dekho I also agree that the aim of the article is not Bangal / Ghoti.
      But the way unknown expressed his opinion again huge migrations of people from every where to WB and crunching our resources I think he is a misguided nationalist rather rightist.

      But honestly his points are valid. Kolkata is invaded by huge unmanaged migrations and now our own Ghoti boys from far places are feeling alienated from his own capital.
      Its high time that all Ghoti party should be there in WB with aim to protect the ground of Bengali hindus for themselves as well for our east bengali brothers too but to speare head the movement one Rardh Party is must in the line of MNS.

  52. I have one question for you. What the hell is wrong with you? Bengalis are not anti Hinduism and pro Islam, it is just that we have realized that the world has far more important things than religion. Bengalis are far more liberal than the rest of the country. We are educated people with strong opinions valid in the 21st century. If you want to indulge in religion, go ahead and do so but religion is something that is based on books and people that existed centuries ago. Hindus do not eat beef but while the rest of the country is fighting about petty issues like whether or not beef should be banned, we Bengalis are tolerant to other religions and have simply moved on to far more important things like educating our girls. So no, Bengalis are neither anti Hindu or pro Islam or pro beef, we are just keeping up with the progress of the rest of the world. Also might I add, you sound a hell lot like Donald Trump's Twitter rants. If you didn't mention you were an Indian and a Bengali and a ghoti at that too, I would assume that you were a white racist dude who had weird views.

    P.S. I am a ghoti, too and I am ashamed that someone like you is one too. You are a sorry example of a human being and it is because of people like you that this country will never be fully developed.

    1. Ignorance unlimited - taking a stance on Hinduism without understanding the difference between Religion and Dharma like a typical English medium Bangali product. Have you studied Hinduism - Vedas, shastras, smritis? Have you read Vivekananda, Aurobindo? Have you read Bible or Koran? Hadis? Do you know Nicene Creed? Have you studied how Evangelsim works? Do you know what cultural genocide is?

      Beef is not a petty issue, just because Hindus demand it - you need to take your head out of your ass. You seem to be a typical Indian who suffers from inferiority complex - so let me say that White people in America and Europe have been fighting for banning beef consumption, because of high carbon footprint and health problems.

      Bengalis like you are not tolerant - you are ignorant and scared shitless. It is not progress - I have a name for your kind - the Hindu Urban Morons. Your criticism is only for Hinduism. I challenge you to openly take a stand and say to Christains that Jesus's resurrection was a myth. Or go to Muslims and say that polygamy is a crime, triple talaq is a crime and that you would like to draw a cartoon of the Profit.

      So bugger off. Your uninformed opinions are not wanted.

    2. 2-3 quick points ...

      1) Bengalis are liberal and lost 2/3rd land to Islamofacists.

      2) You are Ghoti but don't know due to refugee crisis and illegal Bangladeshi problem our ancestral land is now resource crunch. Ghotis are nominal land holders in WB as per records.

    3. I do very well know that ghotis are nominal land holders. This article is not about bangal vs ghoti. My point is, stop spreading hate. There are a billion Muslims in the world and all of them are not bad. And not eating beef or any other animal or paneer for personal reasons or for reasons like reducing carbon footprint is fine but for religious reasons? That's stupid. Live and let live, man. And yes, I have read Bible and Gita. My point is not that Muslims are good and Hindus are not that good. My point is, don't spread hate. Religion is pointless unless it's spiritual. And yes, I went to an English medium school. A very good school, that has taught me to not spread hate. Besides, you cannot make me "bugger off". This is an article on the internet and I have every right to comment as you do, you sick son of a bitch. You are a misogynist, a pseudo intellectual. You think I am a moron? I would rather be a moron than hate someone only because they eat something I don't. You know something else? This is why intelligent Indians who know that this country can never improve leave the country for the west. But unfortunately, right now even the US doesn't look like a good place. You are a sorry piece of crap. You know what is anti-nationalist? Disrespecting your country, which you are, by saying Hinduism is the secret to Bengal's success. India is a secular country. It's seventh grade civics, dumbass. Or were you so busy reading books written thousands of years ago that you missed all the important things taught to you?
      Also, my opinion may not matter to YOU but it doesn't apply to anybody else. This is an Internet article and I am allowed to comment on this as much as you have to write this crap. I could not believe what I read when I read this article. Reading this was like watching Jyoti Singh's rapists talk about rape. You are simply pathetic and I cannot wait to leave this country and leave behind people like you who will ruin it.

    4. Your hate, venom and colossal ignorance on any matter vindicates my position and your gala-gali reflects your family background. You are a dhimmi turd who doesn't have the courage to even write his name. Bengal doesn't need the likes of you, you have done enough harm, so bugger off moron and don't waste my time.

    5. Anonymous write still I am waiting for answers ? .. I never made it Ghoti / Bangal. I just stated few points can you explain me please why that happened in history rather giving us moral lecture like Antels.

      Guria a daughter of Bengal was abducted and though police knows those criminal don't have the guts to arrest have wonder why ?

      Please explain the points which I mentioned in my previous comment. How we lost 2/3rd resources. Why 3 millions of our women got raped.

    6. Anindo you are correct. They will never understand - they simply refuse data and are also not willing to study - plus they are heavily colonized after studying in South Point, St James those kind of schools. Let me state some numbers.
      In 1200 CE, before Bakhtiyar Khilji - WB + BD was 100% Dharmic (Hindu, Buddh, Jain)
      In 2018 CE, BD < 5% Hindu, WB < 70% Hindu
      In other words,
      in 1200 CE, 100 out of 100 ethnic Bengalis were Dharmics
      In 2018 CE, less than 30 out of 100 ethnic Bengalis are Dharmics

      Point 2:
      Bengali Hindus produce at he rate of 1.6
      Muslims in Bengal produce at the rate of 3.1 officially (this does not include illegal Bangaldeshis with 2-3 wives)
      Today already in schools/ colleges Muslims are outnumbering Hindus
      In next 2 generations they will overtake us.

      There are only 3 solutions:
      a. Gharwapsi as Aditynath says or shuddhikaran as Vivekananda said
      b. Hindus have to reproduce more (which is unlikely)
      c. Mahabharat war to destroy Adharma completely - but do we have any Pratapaditya today?

    7. Subodeep situation is very dire but I am still wondering when Bengalis realise this. If intellectuals like you can suggest something then pls otherwise I don't think only writing will help.

    8. Writing is the only thing I can do, so I write. Other are filed workers some are politicians. Tai jonyou amader 4 borno - ebong eke anyer kaaj koret pare naa - kora uchito noye. My medium of serving Dharma is through the mind. And that is very essential I believe - and that is where amra Bamader kache eto bochor herechi. Ora jemon goondami kore temon nitya notun lekhao baar kore esche. Pro-Hindus do not produce good literature - I am an ordinary sevak, and I would like to see 1000' sof Bengali Hindu intellectuals - jara dhormo, darshan, desh, bigyan ebong adhunik prajukti - sarba bishaye bolte, likhtey ebong alochona parey.

  53. I am a Malayalee in Kerala and thanks to the destruction of industry and agriculture in West Bengal, we are getting a lot of migrant Bengali casual laborers here who are today dominating the low end job market. Today almost all the workers at the the motor workshops, construction industry and waiters at low end hotels are poor Bengalis doing jobs which Keralites are too lazy to do.

  54. I am a Malayalee in Kerala and thanks to the destruction of industry and agriculture in West Bengal, we are getting a lot of migrant Bengali casual laborers here who are today dominating the low end job market. Today almost all the workers at the the motor workshops, construction industry and waiters at low end hotels are poor Bengalis doing jobs which Keralites are too lazy to do.

  55. Came Kolkata few months back, was feeling suffocated in this environment. Googled with the right keywords and landed on your article. I became a fan after reading your article.

    Good going Mr.Subhodeep

    PS - I always wondered about finding one bengali who is a vegetarian. Search stops today.

  56. Pardon my English. I am not a native speaker.

    All these points are valid. At present the trending pattern that is coming out definitely portrays a clueless and disinterested population. Definitely, you have more insight about the problem for which your analysis doesn't shy away from tagging the communities.

    I have not read any script, although I will say that it will be a wise thing to do. Without reading and understanding the scripts it will be difficult to form any opinion about the relevance of those observations in the current era.

    It is true, that even if I don't want to say anything against religions like Christianity and Islam, I hold this opinion that these are foreign to our land. Not foreign just because they came from far away lands, their fundamentals are very different than ours. Any religion or Dharma has a geographical root from where it had started. Some of the theories which belong to these two religion doesn't make sense to me. Not only that, there is a sense of superiority complex amongst them, which I believe comes from their strong belief.

    Although, the majority of the people belonging to the different native cultures of our country share the same ancient scriptures, the culture and priorities in life have been different. In India, not all Hindus accept each others cultural differences sportingly. This is our weak link.

    About reviving the health of Bengal, its true that we need a wave of some sort. But, don't we need to remind ourselves that not everyone got converted forcibly. We definitely need to see what was not acceptable.

    What is your take on the situation of Bangla language? I wish we would not have English Medium and Bangla medium schools. The medium of imparting education is important because, reading everything in Bangla till 12th grade is of no use if I have to move to English for pursuing studies in college. In this tug of war, the students are at loss. Ideally after Bangla they should get the opportunity to learn Sanskrit. However, without English it would be difficult to interact outside the country.

    Waiting for a reply. It would be a very interesting exchange, questions from my side and answers from your side. :-)



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