Caste faultline Exploitation by Left Extremist Blog - Part 1 is a left extremist blog which publishes various articles on the so-called ills of Hindu and Indian society. is a heavily funded foreign blogsite with native writers and the type of narratives they weave and stories they craft, are part of a larger strategy for "Breaking India". 

Being a left extremist blog, indulges in extreme prejudicial reporting and displays rabid Indophobia (deep-seated hatred for Indian society) and Hinduphobia (revulsion for Hindu civilization). In order to further their anti-India agenda, has hired a large number of writers who
- display and promote virulent and rabid anti-Hinduism and
- who posses strong grasp of English language and the elitist jargon and idioms of so-called left-liberalism as a part of its left-extremist Breaking India project, selectively reports and crafts narratives on specific themes like:
  1. women oppression in Indian Hindu society (a subaltern/ feminist theme)
  2. Dalit oppression in Indian Hindu society (a subaltern theme)
  3. Caste fault-lines and exploitation
  4. Religious fault-lines with Hindus being portrayed as the aggressors
  5. Indian Right versus Left, where right represent Hindu economic, social and political thought and Left combines left-extremists, Christian fundamentalists and Islamic hard-line views
This series will deal with one specific theme, namely how exploits Caste Fault-lines to weaken Hindu civil society (the Right) on the one hand, and to sow the field for the Left, whether they be Naxalites, Christian fundamentalists or Islamic hardliners.

A Matter of Last Name

In 2014, a lawyer from Bihar, Shri Siddhanath Sharma filed a case against his son to stop using his last name, as his son had married outside his community. It was a simple matter using legal means where no one was threatened, injured, or killed and the Rule of the Land was followed to the letter. But leftist leaning authors of gave the entire incident a Hindu social-issue/ human rights issue. author number 349, Mridula Chari uses this simple family dispute to launch an attack on Hinduism by employing various dishonest and deceitful means:
  1. changing the issue from marrying outside one's community to marrying "a lower caste woman"
  2. invoking the caste of the person, who incidentally happens to be a Brahmin
  3. she defers to the opinion of a Christian priest, Father Philip Manthra on issues related to Indian Law and Hindu customs
You may read's misleading and faulty piece titled "Son marries outside caste, father files copyright case protecting use of family name" with subtitle "Case demonstrates innovative tactics families are employing to stop inter-caste marriages, say activists" to judge for yourself. (1)

Countering blog's left-extremism with reason and logic

Let us take each point, one by one.

1. Changing the issue from marrying outside the community to marrying "a lower caste woman"
Since Brahmins are at the top of the rung in the British created caste system, any marriage outside a Brahmin community has to be with someone at a lower rung. For example, if someone gets first rank in an exam, then others obviously have to be lower ranked. Or it is like saying that, alleged gay Mughal empire Babur loved his non-royal lover Babri (of Babri Masjid fame), and then qualifying it by adding that Babur loved his commoner/ servile lower class lover Babri. It is obvious, does not serve any purpose and intentionally confuses the matter.

2. Invoking the caste of the person
Shri Siddha Nath Sharma, the faher himself, according to claims that "by marrying outside their caste, his son has not only hurt him, but damaged his social reputation." He is worried about marriage taking place outside his community - he never alludes to caste hierarchy or talks about lower caste. Converting every trivial incident in Hindu society and giving it a caste angle is a hall-mark of left-extremism in India as practiced by the likes of India-hating's English speaking foreign educated elitist writers and story-tellers.
Caste faultline Exploitation by Left Extremist Blog - Part 1 - Christain Father Performing Fraud Miracles
Christian Father performing alleged Miracles
3. Christian priest, Father Philip Manthra
The author Mridula Chari cites the opinion of a Christian priest, Father Philip Manthra on issues related to Indian Law and Hindu customs. Apparently Father Philip Manthra, a non-secular Church/ Diocese priest is a representative of human rights "activist" group working on Hindu societal ills. The fact that Mridula Chari, the author sees no conflict of interest in this is suspicious to say the least. 

Who is Father Philip Manthra? He is signatory to the now defunct anti-BJP website to expose Narendra Modi's "authoritarianism" and "his deeply communal record". Father Philip Manthra is associated with People’s Union for Civil Liberties in Bihar.(2) What is the People's Union for Civil Liberties? It is a group with stated and well-documented anti-India actions like:
- condemning the hanging of anti-India Islamic terrorist, Afzal Guru (3)
- supporting Kashmiri Islamic separatists (4)

Data backed Analysis of Chauvinism and Bigotry in Christians and Muslims in India

In fact the issue of chauvinism and bigotry is actually a global problem and has nothing to do with Hinduism.

Caste faultline Exploitation by Left Extremist Blog - Part 1 - Christain Father Fraud Miracles
Christian Evangelical Performing more Alleged Miracles

a.  Christians in India
Malayali Christians are strictly against inter-religion and inter-caste marriage. Yes even Christians have caste system. This is well-documented in popular culture and Tamil film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (2010), about the love story of a Tamil Hindu boy and a Malayali Christain girl, clearly highlights the limits to which Malayalam Christians will go to prevent outside community marriage. In the end, the female protagonist finally marries a person from her own Christian community. (5)

b. Muslims in India
In Muslim families of India, honor killing is very common. For example in 2011, Newly-weds Zahida, 19, and Husna, 26, were strangled by their mothers, for marrying Hindus. (6) In 2016, a Muslim mother, Bibi Jan killed her 17-year-old daughter by smothering her to death using a pillow, for talking to her Hindu neighbor. There is a plethora of data to support that honor killing is very common among Muslims in India and over 91% of honor killings worldwide are Islamic. (8). Phyllis Chesler of New York Post writes about Indian Muslims that "honor killings are triggered by ... developing non-Muslim friends, having a non-Muslim boyfriend.. etc." (7) 

Caste faultline Exploitation by Left Extremist Blog - Part 1 - Islamic Terrorism Women Abuse
Muslim Women in India protesting against Backward Practices in Islam
In fact it is commendable that Siddhanath Sharma, resorted to legal means and not to force or honor killing which is more common among the Christian and Muslim communities in India.

To be continued.


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