Sanjukta Basu, Feminism and Dicks

This is a brand new series on Libtandus. I am not a regular on twitter, but whenever I do go there, I get a lot of amusement reading the indignant tweets of butt-hurt libtandus.

For those unaware, Libtandu means a Liberal-retarded gandu.

Libtandu = Libtard + Gandu = Liberal + Retarded + Gandu

Etymology of GanduGandu (or chodu) is a slang word, commonly used in the Indian subcontinent. 
  1. When employed in conversations, in a derogatory sense, in North and West India, this term means 'asshole'. 
  2. In one embodiment of this word in West India, it may be used to refer to an 'earthworm'. 
  3. In another embodiment of this word, South Indians, primarily those from the Deccan plateau, use this word in friendly banter and as a popular nickname for their friends.
We have used Gandu in this series, in the south Indian sense.

Today we focus on Sanjukta Basu, a Hinduphobic feminist scholar and photographer specializing in dicks. Below we give a brief sample of her works.
sanjukta basu twitter dick

sanjukta basu twitter dick

sanjukta basu twitter dick libtard feminist

sanjukta basu twitter dick libtard feminist anti-national

sanjukta basu twitter dick libtard feminist anti-national hinduphobia
Looks like Virat Kohli was playing with his dick that got distracted seeing girlfriend Anushka Sharma.

#LowIQSanghi claiming Steve Forbes is a nobody who doesn't kno anything. Haan bhai, saara gyaan Feku ke gaand mein basa hai, bhakto chato


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