Crpto-Christians of Kolkata - Introduction

Crypto Christians of Kolkata - Missionary Conversion Fraud Pastor
A far bigger threat than radical Islam in Bengal is the threat of underground Christianity. 
I can't say about rest of Kolkata, but in Saltlake I have been noticing for the past 6-8 months, that a HUGE chunk of the economically poor lower caste people have converted to Christianity, after being enticed with 1. school fees/ books for children 2. medical costs of mothers 3. construction jobs for males and 4. initiation fee of Rs 8000/- or so, by a relatively new Keshtopur based church (the old church shut down, I heard).

To give you an idea of the magnitude, today in Saltlake, these people form about 40% of the demographic (others: Bengali Hindus - 30%, Marwaris - 13%, Biharis/ Eastern UP - 5%, Others - 2%, Illegal Bangladeshi Muslims - 10%) and normally contribute to Pujas and other social activities - which they are already distancing themselves from like stopping evening sandhya/ conch shell calls and instead wearing Jesus lockets.

Our maid threw away the sinni (naivedyam) of a Satyanarayan Puja, complaining that it had gone bad - my parents unsuspectingly accepted the explanation, all though why it would go bad for her alone is a mystery when other's had it. But having spent 5+ years in Hyderabad, I remembered how converted Christians would throw away or spit on Tirupathi prasadam, and I could relate.

Worse is that they continue to remain Hindus for reservation benefits, and drain our economy - and thus the crypto-Christian population of at least Saltlake is quite high. Our local elders, the liberal brigade and others, continue to remain blissfully ignorant and unwilling to listen dubbing it a typical "Hinutva rant". 
Shall write on this in detail after I compile some more data - but this nonsense must stop.


  1. I read this post completely concerning the difference of most recent and previous technologies,
    it's amazing article.

  2. I don't understand your analysis, how do you remain hindu once you convert to Christianity ?


    1. - You convert and reject Hinduism in personal and social life, by embracing Jesus and insulting Hindu Gods.
      - You do not change your religion/ caste in government records so as to continue getting caste based benefits.
      That's why it is crypto-Christianity.


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