The Moronization of Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata

The Moronization of Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata Women Kiss
Let me specify my target demographics - upper caste Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata, otherwise all Bengalis will start huffing and puffing without having read the article. The removal of English education by the erstwhile communists has lead to a stage where people do not understand simple English, let alone follow a 2000+ word essay with subtle points and nuanced arguments. I have picked up the term "Moronization" from the works of Shri Rajiv Malhotra, the most pre-eminent modern day scholar on Hindu culture and global religious dynamics.

An essay of mine "Why are  most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national?" has created quite a stir. I have been at the receiving end of a lot of gaali (which is expected given the poor education level in Bengal and the general lack of English education) and some praise (which I thank) and some constructive comments (which I appreciate).

Some Background:
1. Today in West Bengal and Bangladesh combined (Greater Bengal or Bengal Caliphate, call it what you will), Bengalis are the major ethnic group.
2. Out of all Bengalis Bengal Caliphate, 75% are Muslims. As stated in my earlier article, my analysis was not applicable to them. While it is true that Bengali Muslims are anti-Hindu, especially in Bangladesh and border areas of WB, this article did not even mention them - yet they became angry. Guilty conscience? Anger that a Kafir had called them out for what they are - Jihadis?
3. Of the remaining 25%, a majority are inhabitants of West Bengal.
4. West Bengal has 70% Hindu population.
5. Kolkata has 59% Hindu population.
6. Upper caste Hindu urban Bengalis of Kolkata form less than 5% of WB Hindu population.
7. It is precisely this segment which was my target. They are the one's who give all Hindu Bengalis and Kolkata a bad name.

In my previous article I have used Bangal and Ghoti to show that the reason the said demographic is moronic and anti-Hindu, has to do with different sets of cultural factors associated with the dynamics of their origin. My previous article had nothing to do with Ghoti versus Bangal or inter-community strife. I have been equally critical of both the groups - yet the divisive hate-mongering elements among Kolkata's Left, Islamists and libtards of various hues and shades, tried their level best to hijack the narrative, maligned me and miserably failed. Those who are trying to make this about Bangal versus Ghoti clearly have a perfidious agenda - and it also shows that they have neither read nor understood what I have said in the article.

In this essay I have shared hard empirical data - the thoughts and views of the said people themselves. More comments are on the way. But even with this base data we can being to form a typical profile of the Libtard Hindu Urban Bengali:
1. Eating beef makes them feel liberal
2. Criticizing Hinduism makes them feel like "rationalists"
3. They wish Happy Eid on social media but never dare say Jai Shree Ram on Ram Navami
4. They have a deep rooted hatred for BJP, RSS, VHP and Hindutva
5. They huff and puff and scream and rant and take out processions at every news of alleged cow-vigilantism and alleged lynchings where the victim is a Muslim
6. They maintain a stoic silence when victims are Hindus
7. They suffer from superiority complex and look down upon rest of India
8. They love to protest
9. They want Azadi [though why they probably don't know :)]

The Moronization of Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata Azadi Jadavpur

They are becoming more and more moronic. Hence the title of this essay is "The Moronization of Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata".

Let me explain my position again which I have made very clear also in my previous article:
I started by asking a provocative question and finally conclude that it is the present day upper-caste educated left-libtards (of both ghoti and Bangal origin, albeit for different reasons) who are hate-mongering divisive anti-nationals. In fact as I have said, the only hope for Bengal is lower castes and non-Kolkata/ non-suburb Hindus - and thankfully they form majority Hindu population of Bengal today and realize the damage caused by those who should have been protecting dharma instead of abusing it.

Also let me add, obviously not all upper-caste Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata are libtards. I am a proud Bengali Brahmin myself and there are quite a few people like me. But we are either in minority or our voices get drowned in the cacophony brigade of the left libtards and pseudo-secularists.

As I said I receive a lot of threats and gaalis. My general Response to the "gaali" comments [may not be applicable to all answers]:
1. Your comment is tangential to the discussion in hand.
2. Your comments shows your lack of analytical skills.
3. Your response shows that you have not read my article, or understood.
4. Your indecent language is a reflection of your culture and values.
5. Emotional outbursts won't change the facts.
6. Your threats do not scare me. I have seen many social media warriors.
7. Do your homework. Do some research. Else people will laugh at your ignorance.
8. Don't give general irrelevant gyan - does not add to the discussion.
9. If you have nothing to say, don't huff and puff. Silence is golden.
10. Please don't waste my time please with 1000+ words angry insults - start your own blog where you can vent your frustration.

On Religion
As I have said this earlier also, most of the target demographic neither knows Hinduism nor has ever bothered to study Islam or Christianity. Yet they make bombastic comments and laughable statements like:
a. I am an atheist
b. All regions preach the same message
c. I am a proud beef eater [show me a proud Muslim Bengali pork-eater]
d. I am a liberal

I don't have time to waste. I have given my views on these issues elsewhere as below.
- My advice to Hindu atheists
- Differences between Hinduism and Abrahamic religions
- Why do Hindus worship cows?
- Dharma versus Religion [in Sanskrit]
Understanding Christianity
Understanding Islam

You can read my book on Islam:
The Complete Hindu's Guide to Islam
Comments shared by Disgruntled Readers

Note: I have mostly ignored anonymous comments.

Some general comments
1. I don't have time to read this article, but I would still like to ...
2. I am not interested in going through through this, but I want to be heard ..
3. Son of a ... , you bas***, you %*$$# ...
4. I will kill you ... etc

These comments make up more than 40% of my inbox. People who clearly say that they have neither read the essay and nor intend to read it, want to make statements, protest and be heard. Ironical and a sad situation and a telling reflection of the plight of the upper-caste HUB of Kolkata. From the likes of enlightened Bengalis like Rabindranath, Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda 100 years back, today this lumpen beef-loving azadi brigade of Bengali libtards is what we have to contend with.

Below I present my database of curated comments by Bengali left-liberals mostly from Kolkata.


The question: 1. Are you paid for this article, falsely maligning Bengali community? If yes, how much? 2. If not for payment, what is the quantity of cowdung & gowmutra you consume daily?


This cancerous post makes many claims which are just sweeping generalization of an entire community viewed through his eyes. Whatever you (the author) have expressed is maybe what you sincerely believe but it need not be true. A famous dictator of recent past considered a particular race/religion inferior and tried to eliminate them via genocide based on his experiences as a disillusioned youth. The author is making the same mistakes. I will confess that, yes I am a Bengali Hindu from Kolkata whose ancestors moved to what is present day India (on the other side of the border) from present day Bangladesh. (I guess that makes me a "bangal"--with all the glorious and inglorious stereotypes that comes as a baggage.) I can't comment for all, because I truly can't since in all my lifetime (which isn't admittedly too long) I have probably only interacted with a small percentage of fellow Bengalis of the entire West Bengal. And that's my point. An opinion of one who isn't an expert (to my knowledge) of behaviour of people doesn't represent the entirety. It's the terrible fallacy of anecdotal evidence.
The Moronization of Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata Jadavpur Azadi Kashmir
Yes I criticize the faults of the religion of my birth. I have over the years realized that religion is a tool to fool the masses with fear. Fear of unknown, fear of God. And I have also come to realize that ALL religions are the same in essence, to manipulate and control the mass with fear. And it hasn't stopped me from criticizing the evils of other religions. And I won't in the future. I am truly am secular in the sense that I don't care for customs and traditions of ANY religion. What I celebrate is the good parts, the bonhomie, the food and the infectious joy that a festival brings forth. But I will be the first to attack the evils of Hinduism, or Judaism, Islam or Christianity. Lots of problems plague my country, like safety of women, and poverty. I believe addressing those issues first and foremost instead of nitpicking on what people eat should be our prime concern. Forcing to people to comply with YOUR WAY OF THINKING isn't democracy. You call the "upper caste brahmins" a curse. You are confusing cause and effect. The fact that "upper caste" still exists in 21st century is the curse. The fact that we identify people as "lower caste" is the curse. The fact that women are forced to be controlled in Islam is the curse.

Before writing my opinion on your viewpoint of what a Bengali is, I will like to start with this... U are entitled to yours and I am to mine... I respect ur democratic right to express ur opinion and hope you will do the same for me...... East Bengal pro Islam...... What do you know of partition... What do you know of losing your everything and then being forced out n see trains coming with blood pouring out of closed doors.. All these Pro Islam is vote bank of communists n not dependent on staying in muslim majority neighborhood. Clearly you never been to Jadavpur.... All East Bengal people hate Islam... We have lost too much seen too much.... So please study partition before spreading random stupidity....Hinduism.... Yes we hate Hinduism at least the mangled form practised now... Because we believe in open minded approach n Bhog.... We like living life appreciating its beauty in food in music in arts.... If u think its anti Hinduism m read and understand Krishna teachings..... We question Hinduism because thats t beauty of this religion... It allows questions and have been modified as per society n time...... Remember there was a Vidyasagar a Ram Mohan Roy... If not we would hv been burning small girls for t stupid happiness of some Ghayer Mora......... We do not question Islam because wr priviledged n lucky not to be part of a religion which was founded in blood..... None of our business.... Wr nt part of that...We eat all sort of things because we enjy our food n variety of it.... Wr more foodies than other states..... We like to eat good food... Not a crime.....As for our religious practices.... I hv read less on this but what i know we came to bengal via bihar when saraswati dried up. Then we settled in some other river. Thr was drought. To keep people alive religious guru introduced fish... That became part of religion.... N if u hv problem wth that then one work paramhansha dev saw GOD n he used to feed Kali Maa his own food..... Not u.... Leave it to GOD... All it matters is Love n Devotion not rules....India a Hindu Country.... Bullshit.... READ ur History..... Before Muslim Invasion the Tamil People or Dravidians faced multiple invasions... First Aryan.... Yes its not a myth.... Check why Brahma Aryan God not worshipped article google.... Check Tamil one of oldest Script in google..... Then Shakas who worshipped nature like agni vayu etc..... Religion of India north was governed by who has t central throne n what he practiced..... True Hinduism was preserved in south india only n that too till muslim invasion................Bengalis ar argumentative because we hv a culture which tolerate opinion... Not bully people to conform to stupid norms.........We intellectual because we like to express opinion so to do it you need to read n understand.Wr judgemental.... Yes everyone in India is same.... Narcissistic genes runs through the country's vein.... Everyone think thr betr that the next bugger....Wr liberal.... Yes we dont take dowry we dnt kill our daughters if they want to live on their own terms... We dnt choke them we respect them as a part of our goddess...... Does it mean thr no issue with rape n eveteasing.... Its thr but most are by political stupidos just flexing muscle...........Real Issue with Bengalis are sluggish reaction to ages of worst political system...... Left is shit so is Pishi.... But RSS is not an option..... The rigid muscle flexing approach of RSS on Hindutya will nvr resonate with any Bengali........ Politics should be kept out of our pantry n your wardrobe.....

I feel this article manifests not only a stereotype but also a judgmental view over a particular community. To support my claim I would like to explain the whole thing by a simple example. I am using the object ‘House’ to explain all such terms with intense meaning like, ‘Nation’, ‘Nationalism’, ‘Socialism’, ‘Rationalism’ and of course ‘Hinduism’. 1. On Anti Nationalism: ‘Nation’ is the ‘House’ itself in this anecdote; The freedom fighters had built the ‘Nation/House’ sacrificing their life. I admire, I respect each and every freedom fighters who contributed their life for our Nation. I admire all forces that are protecting our ‘Nation/House’, Yes! I am talking about the Indian Army Staff, the Indian Naval Staff, and the Indian Air Force Staff. Well, ‘Nationalism’ is that patriotic feeling of respect and admiration that I have for them. So before calling a community an ‘anti-national’ recall my example of ‘Nationalism’ first. 
The Moronization of Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata Dhulagarh Muslim Riot

Note: Freedom fighters never asked for religion to Indians before getting united to fight British power, so do not confuse religion with Nationalism. 2. On ‘Community’ and ‘Rationalism’ : Here ‘Rooms’ represent different ‘communities’ (as such Bengali, Guajarati etc.). The freedom fighters didn’t build any ‘Rooms/Communities’ in this ‘House/Nation’, you know why Mr. Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay. Because ‘Rooms/Communities’ divide the House/Nation. The freedom fighters used to believe what they experience, they experienced the pain on themselves, emphasized the pain of the rest of the nation, they believe India must needed to be pain free from the British governance. It is called ‘Rationalism’, the practice or principle of basing opinions and actions on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response. 3. On Hinduism: We all ‘House members’ are ‘Indians’. Now there are five kinds of ‘House members/Indians’ in this house/Nation. One, who are nationalist but at the same time who believe in religion. Two, who are only nationalist, do not believe in any religion but have no hatred issue with those who believe in religion. Three, who hate religion for no reason. Four, who believe religion and the community are different words with same meaning, (Ex: Hinduism= Indians=Bengalis, Binaris etc.Therefore Other religions = anyone who is not practicing Hinduism = anti national). Note: Hinduism is a religion. Hindu is a person who follows Hinduism. Bengali is a community, A community can change their predefined religion into any religion if they want to ( Ex: Bengali Muslims, Bengali Hindus, Bengali Christians and Bengali Buddhists. ). You have no authority to influence someone’s believe. If a Bengali loves Bible, it doesn’t mean that they hate Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas. It’s the choice of an individual what they believe, how many religions they want to believe or not to believe any religion. They do not need to give explanation for that to you. Five, Antinational, are those culprits who spread terrorism, not patriotic, anti social. Now understand it very carefully, “Rooms/Communities” cannot fall in these categories.

Only an individual/a house member/an Indian can fall into. So, Stop being Judgmental and inking stereotype article regarding a community, It’s always a choice of an independent individual in which category he/she want to fall in. I am not getting into the issue of why to believe in Hinduism or why not to. My concern is to tell you , stop restricting an individual’s freedom of choice, if you are doing so, you are disobeying the Indian Constitution (Right to freedom of religion, covered in Articles 25, 26, 27 and 28, provides religious freedom to all citizens of India. The objective of this right is to sustain the principle of secularism in India. According to the Constitution, all religions are equal before the State and no religion shall be given preference over the other. Citizens are free to preach, practice and propagate any religion of their choice.). Just a view point .

Shubhodeep, sorry to say that I never read such a narrow minded write up. In my opinion, fighting over religion is like two people woke up from sleep, started arguing that my dream is better than your dream. This shows how ignorant people are. Why can't we call criminals as anti-social, not by their cast or religion ? When people were fighting whether there would be Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid, one Bengali writer and poet, Sunil Ganguly wrote that there should be a hospital instead of a temple or mosque where everyone should be treated, Hindu or Muslim. RSS supporters always give example about Shyamaprasad but feel shy to talk about Rabindranath Tagore.
The Moronization of Hindu Urban Bengalis of Kolkata Hindu Temple Vandalism
 They neither have courage to criticize him nor they can give any example from his numerous writings to support Anti-Muslim propaganda. When Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee became chief minister in 2000, one Bengali journalist jokingly wrote that after 29 years, one Brahmin (last one Ajay Mukherjee in 1971) became CM of West Bengal. It's a joke in Bengal but not in any other state in India (except probably Kerala). I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. When you grew up, you could have found yourself in a Muslim family in Kolkata. At least, I hope you agree that we have no control over where we will take birth. Would you then write the same article about Bengali people ? 

I dont believe that such an article has actually been thought upon, written and written in the open..shuh!!! While i dont contest or question what he has written(since i am not interested in going through this crap), I can whole heartedly say that Bengalis are more Naitonal than anyone else..Pls dont question that, I have been broughtup among them and know in out..dont spoil venom..ur article is even not worth reading.

Well to start off , if eating a meat makes us anti-national, then we are. You need to understand something that India is a huge country with multiple cultures. You cant expect us to act as North Indians. In almost every eastern state of the country beef is not a taboo (Just like the rest of the world ) In fact in every north eastern state the consumption of beef is very high. Yes, most of the Bengali's may have problem with right wing ideology but that is because it is a stupid ideology in the first place. There is a reason liberalism has engulfed the entire developed world and we surely want to be in the right side of history. And another thing you need to understand that not supporting BJP or Hindu terrorist organizations like RSS doesn't make us anti-nationals. 

The fact of the matter is Bengal is multi-cultural pot boiler where right wing ideology will never work. Calcutta had been the capital of India before Delhi, and most of the Britishers used to stay in Calcutta for the last 200 years so it is obvious that their culture will have a huge influence over India. Even the french had multiple colonies in Bengal proving the fact how much we were made aware about the European culture in the last 200 years. And we don't really think that it is a bad thing ., we believe in improving ourselves by taking the best from everyone unlike many other states where cows are given more protection than woman. We don't want our state to be ruled by a Yogi or someone who as instigated massacres of a large scale, If being welcoming towards people from other religions makes us anti-national, we don't really give two hoots about being national., so people who thinks like that can die down in their own mediocrity ., we will never support anything which is not a liberal approach ., we are a democratic country and not a Hindu rashtra and Bengal will fight till the end to keep it like that and in no way people of Bengal will accept such a rashtra. So i would humbly submit that you should fuck off and start giving people space. And yea, economic growth of Bengal is way higher than Jhumla's Gujarat or even the National average so yea, shut the fuck up. And lastly, You don't need to teach us how to become a good Hindu , We are still following what our gurus Swami Vivekananda and Ram Krishna thought. Bigotry was not one of them. So please keep your sentiments to yourselves. Joy Bangla!

This article is so bad I'll feel utmost pride if the writer addresses me with those adjectives. Who tf says Indian right has no intellectual prowess? You have a good future in Nagpur!

Well, I donot claim to be all knowing.. but Me my family 100% of my friends made who has six sons are all having jobs business are fully aware of the fact that... no one in 21st century ne eds to get involved in religious scfuffles and national/non national arguments.. which seems pointless.. at times.. educated enough to nkow that I is law of the land that must prevaill... religion(old laws) must never override it.. creates a divide in the society... by the way the article seems to lack objective(lacks evidence), seems to generalize an entire state. which also seems to be a gross mistake. It is evident that the general, educated, well brought up bengali like any other community, irrespective of religion has the decide right from wrong, that law of the land prevails... and religion needs to be practiced within the boundaries of those laws...

Bhai koto gyan tomar, ato gyan kothaye rakho..bhai kaj kommo ki koro saradin..naki esto mala jop koro...

A pretty biased view with lot of 'self'-reflections since the author is a Bengali. I am sure he gathered this idea of self-reflection after Bengal Renaissance which was modeled after the European Renaissance and post-Renaissance liberalism and free questioning. The answer to the question is extremely simple: To hate is extremely simple,to love is equally difficult and to love and forgive even being oppressed is most difficult. I am glad the Bengalis have been able to muster that trait. 

My Final Response to offended libtards.



  1. Hello Sir,

    My own thinking is this. For the last 100 years + enough has been said of the caste discrimination etc in hinduism and how brahmins have been at the Top of the pyramid and benefitting from it. Firstly this is a Fact and should be accepted. Secondly we have to find solutions by which the braib community can redeen the sins of its ancestors and get into directly helping the lower castes and underpruvileged. But in iur country wgile conscience of brahmin intellegentia is pricked it didint take the above painful permanent course correction. Instead the brahmin intellegentia went to the other extreme and started hating everything hindu. You can find lot of brahmins in tge communist party in bengal and kerala.
    In the USA many of the whites married with the Blacks theur sympathies did nor stop with just words.they took positive actions for a permanent fix. We in the other hand allowed the social problems to continue and made apologetic nehruvuan half hearted attenmpts ti cover up the real issues by beff ban etc.

    1. You have misread what I am saying. I fully support the caste system. I don;t thaink Brahmins did any mistake. Instead I am saying that today's Brahmins of Kolkata are not doing their duty of Veda patha, gau seva and dharma raksha. Instead they are ignoring Vedas, eating beef and abusing dharma - they have no right to be called Brahmins.

      See my website Brahminpedia for duties of a Brahmin:

      Who is a Brahmin?

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