Why do Bengalis love to slaughter animals eat beef and enjoy violence?

Why do Bengalis love to slaughter, eat beef and enjoy violence?

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This question has perplexed me for a long time. I grew up in Bengal region and have been witness to the violent culture of the Bengali people, their gluttony, their passion for beef and their gun culture.

By Bengal, I refer to the region of what is today Bangladesh and WB, and Bengali people are the inhabitants of this Bengal region, or Biswa Bangla region. This is the region starting from Purulia in the west and ending with Sylhet in the east. In fact in Myanmar, Bengali people are called Bangali terrorists. See Bengali Terrorists A Great Threat.

This article is not about any religion or community, but an attempt to understand why Bengalis love to slaughter animal, why Bengalis enjoy violence and why Bengalis love eating beef.

Some Statistics:
- Out of 10 ethnic Bengalis, 8 are Muslims and 2 are Hindus
- Bangladesh is more than 95% Muslim
- West Bengal is almost 1/3rd Muslim

Bengali Culture of Violence Gluttony Biswa Bangla
Biswa Bangla Region

Bengalis love to kill animals and eat beef

Bengalis eat beef slaughter cows
Bengalis love to slaughter and eat beef
Indians consider cow to be a scared animal. However Bengalis do not consider cows sacred and majority of Bengalis eat beef. Says Soumitra Roy, a resident of Kolkata:

Of course Kolkatans eat beef. The best Kathi roll shops are in Kolkata. Take Nizams for example. Whole of the free school street and Wellesley street area is full of Beef Roll shops. Kolkata has a very diverse cultural ...  the population of Kolkata love beef. To localize it further you will find 50% of Kidderpore and Martins Bridge (metiabruz) area are beef eaters.

Subhashish Chowdhury explains it thus: 
Absolutely. Calcuttans love beef. I started developing my taste for beef right from the first year of college, with Nizam’s beef kebab and roll. I loved it as I always prefer my meat to be gamey. Though for health reasons, I had to curtail my beef intake later (cholesterol problems), I still continue to enjoy steaks whenever I have the chance. Bengalis, especially from Calcutta, are not at all puritanical about beef as the myriads of answers to this question, testifies.

Sights like these, while shocking, are all too common in Bengal, given the average Bengalis love for beef and other kinds of meat. Sourish Bhattacharrya explains Bengalis love for meat as follows:

Certainly not the Bengalis, who cannot imagine Durga Puja without digging fish and mutton in abundance. That explains why community pujas all over the country have a lively subculture of stalls selling non-vegetarian specialities to the devotees who throng the temples and the pandals. Imagine pujo without "moghlai parota" and "deemer day-bheel" (as we like to call our version of scotch eggs!) Durga Puja is a time to celebrate life and what is life without good food.

Gun Culture of Bengalis

Bengali Culture of gun and violence
Bengali people love guns and violence

Guns are a regular feature in Bengal region whether it is urban Bengal or rural Bengal (gram Bangla). It is not uncommon to find even young people wielding guns. For example, he deadly attack in Dhaka was carried out by certain misguided youths.

Gun Culture Bengali People Dhaka Attack

In recent times we have seen a spate of gun fights and riots in various parts of Bengal like Malda, Dhulagarh and so on.

Gun Culture Bengali People
Gun Culture Bengali People

Bloodshed and Violence
Rivers of Blood on roads in Bengal

Bloodshed and violence is an integral part of Bengali culture. Rivers of blood like we see above are common before the Hindu festival of Durga Puja when millions of cows, goats and buffaloes are slaughtered in Bengal region. Clashes like the Dhularagh riots have become all too common.

Bengali Violence Culture Stone Pelting Dhulagarh

Culture of Durga-Kali to blame for all this

As many rationalists and social scientists have pointed out, this culture of violence and blood-thirst has nothing to do with Islam or Islamcofacism but rather more to do with the Bengal culture of Durga-Kali and its bloodthirsty cult.

Kali wears a garland of skulls and stands on top of hear dead husband. She is bloodthirsty and violent. Her benign form is Durga, whose image of slaughtering a dark-skinned aborigine, is worshiped by many Bengalis. It is this culture of glorifying  extreme blood-lust and violence, that is at the root of all problems.

Another view is that it is Islam's doctrine of extreme hate and perpetual violence and blood-lust which is at the root of Hindu-Muslim riots, Dhaka attacks, Malada/ Dhulagarh riots, beef eating and violent gun culture of Bengal.

I leave it to you to decide which sounds more probable.

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  1. Superb post. Thank u so much for sharing with us.
    Improve Indian Judicial System

  2. Frustrated weak and cowards as humans, thats why.

  3. Lmao this article is BS. I am a bengali (mom from bangladesh, dad from west bengal, india) living in the USA... I am not violent at all and do not own a gun. I do eat whatever the hell I want though including beef but I try to limit my red meat intake. I do not think a cow could ever be sacred. I will devour it any day. I am also not religious and therefore do not worship this "bloodlusty Kali." Retarded and hateful article with no real evidence

  4. what a fucking asshole. what about india? you just love fucking hating on other countries. yet you don't focus on america. you fucking asshole. go to hell.

  5. Wow, as others have pointed out, this is a load of poop LOOOOL. I am Bengali, I'm not a great fan of beef, in fact I choose veggie options 80% of the time. I am also Muslim and I feel like the whole point of this post was an attempt for you to perpetuate Muslims as the cause of violence in Bangladesh, but believe me, I DO NOT condone violence of any sort. I try to live my life according to the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) and in a peaceful and non-judgemental way, minding my own.


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