I am a proud Atheist

I am a proud Atheist.

When I say this, people are shocked. What do you mean you are a proud atheist? You do Pujas every day, you do your Sandhya every day, and you make decidedly pro-Hindu comments, they say. I agree to each of these statements.

So let me explain what I mean when I say I am an atheist. By the way I am a member of a club whose population keeps on increasing every day. Mark Zuckerberg, Lance Armstrong, and Jodie Foster are well known celebrity atheists. Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins are well known atheist scientist.

Let us understand this using First Principles as they say.

I am currently talking in English. The English language is not an Indian language. It is a language of European origin and embodies western experiences. And what are these western experiences guided by? They are guided by Christianity.

Make no mistake, English is the language of Christianity.

It embodies the experiences of Christians of Europe and America over the last many hundreds of years. For example, they say “O my God!” and not “O my Gods!” the implicit assumption being that there is only one God. An atheist is one who rejects God.

I reject God and as a corollary I reject the son of God. I reject prophets. I reject any so-called “Holy Book” which claims to convey the message of God.

Who or what is a God?

God is supernatural male being who sits in the heavens and controls our Universe. He exists separate from us. There is infinite distance between us and God. God created our universe. Earlier it was believed that God created the universe in 4004 BCE. When it was discovered later that the universe is billions of years old, the date of creation has been shifted backwards.

God is always angry at disbelievers and homosexuals. God detests those who reject him. I reject God and so God hates me. God considers woman inferior to men. God has commanded his followers to either convert or kill disbelievers.

The Bible and Quran are replete with such examples.

This is the God I reject. This is the Allah I reject. This is the Yahweh I reject. This is the Upar-wala I reject. This is the Khuda I reject. Thus I am an atheist. A proud one.

God is Fraud

God is fraud. Prophets are scammers. Religion is a big scam. It is an industry which causes pollution – mental pollution. Only science can help.

Adi Shankara was an atheist. Swami Vivekananda was an atheist. Sri Aurobindo was an atheist. They were proud astikas. They were staunch upholders of  Hindu Dharma. They were hyper-intelligent evolved beings. They were men of science, logic and reason. 

I am merely trying to follow in their footsteps.


  1. The very scientist who you believe in, says to you one day , there is no more discovery left because we already have discovered everything , would you believe it ? Same likewise you can't draw conclusions on something that don't have experience in.

    The theist and atheist are both lying, because in reality, no one knows there is God or there isn't one or many, one of them is saying there's a God because someone has told him and the other is in denial about his non existent without any proof.

    Why can't we just say, we just don't know the answer to this question , by saying this, you create a possibility of knowing it one day.

    Do you not think this is a good answer rather than labeling your self as one or the other?


    1. Thank you for your comments. Let me clarify my position.

      1. I do NOT believe in Allah, God and Yahweh who are angry, jealous, homophobic, genocidal, patriarchal and pagan-hating "God" of Islam, Christianity and Islam.

      The notion of a God is regressive, superstitious, unscientific and illogical.

      2. I am convinced that prophets like Moses, Jesus and he who cannot be painted, are three of the greatest fraudsters / scamsters.

      In other words - I DO NOT believe in religion - which are BELIEF and BLIND-FAITH based systems.

      Now, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism are NOT religions - they are Dharma.

      - I subscribe to Dharma.
      - Specifically to Advaita Vedanta

      - Dharma is a REALIZATION based system.
      - There is no God or gods in Dharma/ those are English mistranslations.
      - I accept Vedas as the Shabda - Truths understood by Rishis and presented to us in Mantra form. Hence I am Astika. [Jains and Buddhists are nastika as they do not accept Vedas]
      - I KNOW that Brahamn is the Supreme all-pervading reality

      For example: Gravity existed before Newton who expressed it to us mathematically/ doesn't matter if someone believes it or not.

      Hence I am a proud Hindu. An astika. And a staunch atheist.

  2. You are more clear in your reply.
    Congratulations for your brief column.

  3. One of the few genuine non bhondo pseudo intellectual blog, a rare commodity indeed. God is a delusion and a damaging malady if any. Its very premise is mine is better or as Hindu bhondos would say, its special way of life. Now let me go to Durgo Pujo and do some KAALTAAR.
    Keep up the good work.


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