Ghentu discards her mortal body

Our cat Ghentu breathed her last yesterday at 8:45 PM. She had been sick with a leg injury and old age hindered recovery.

Ghentu was always a wild cat and preferred staying on the fringes. In earlier days she would only come to our house for food. Later as she became old she started spending more time in our house.

While not a favorite among my family members, Ghentu was one of my favorites, and would purr when I rubbed her head.

Her health started becoming bad in the last 15 days, and she suddenly became very ill last 2-3 days when I was not at home. When I came back yesterday evening, she was in her last stage - her head had fallen and when she was still breathing, it was coming out in painful breaths and her eyes had glazed. I patted her head, called out to her and instinctively her muscle memory kicked in and she responded. But one hour later she was no more and Ghentu finally discarded her mortal body.

While we are sad, we are also proud that she lived close to 8 years - a rare feat in cat world and especially in a city. We have had numerous cats in our house over the last 2 decades and I have seen many cats dying and its a very painful thing - they usually die horrible deaths.

The biggest cause of cat deaths have been:
  1. vehicular death because of rash driving or careless driving
  2. people poisoning cats or hitting them fatally to prevent them from entering their house
  3. rat poison - people poison rats and the cats which consume them also die
  4. plastics - consumed along with food

In my experience man is the biggest culprit when it comes to the animal kingdom.

We have taken over their habitats.

We show absolutely no compassion towards those who are somehow trying to survive. Either we stone them or poison them.

And those who manage to survive die because of our "plastic" based economy.

Compassion is completely missing from the discourse as we move further away from our non-harming Hindu life style and adopt consumerist Abrahmicism.

We are steadily moving away from our traditional principal of least harm to the western philosophy of maximum violence.

That is very sad.

Other cats who died / disappeared / taken by people and left elsewhere
  1. Sada Beral #1 in 2016 (by dog)
  2. Lal Beral #1 in 2016 ( cold/ infection)
  3. Kalo beralta in 2016 (crushed by a vehicle)
  4. Lengru in 2016 (disappeared)
  5. Sundari in 2017 (dogs/ vehicles)
  6. Lal Beralta in 2017 (rat poison)
  7. Sada Beralta in 2017 (disappeared)
  8. Halud Beralta in 2017 (disappeared)

Family Tree
Kalo Beralta & Sundari - sisters
Kalo Beralta -> (Sada Beral #1, Lal Beral #1), (Hulo, Lal Beralta, Sada Beralta), ( Choto Beralta, Halud Beralta)

Image Source: Pixabay


  1. I understand how horrible a feeling it must be. Unlike the common perception that cats are aloof and selfish, I find cats to be highly intuitive, emotional and fragile creatures. 3 kittens in my society disappeared ( probably they died) after Diwali celebration in which very loud music was played. I used to see them playing every day . It made me realize how insensitive we are to the animals.

  2. Cats are often frowned upon as pets in cities simply because of lack of knowledge about them. Their existence is mired with superstition which are futher augmented by sheer human stupidity. Unlike humans they never wilfully harm anyone. But, alas, humans in their selfishness only see what the want to see.


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