K-dramas are to Christianity what Bollywood is to Islam

K-dramas are to Christianity what Bollywood is to Islam
Source: http://www.kdramalove.com/BakerKing.html

I was reading somewhere that in South Korea, apparently 2/3rd of the population do not follow any religion! Called shindo, sometimes, people refer to this indigenous belief system of the 2/3rd people as "shamanism" or "animism" or "spirit-worship/ ancestor-worship". The country officially doesn't recognize its majority religion.

And why is that?

Because the number 2 religion at 25% is Christianity (16% Protestants + 9% Catholics) and they consider Shindo/mu to be "black magic" and "superstitious" and "primitive".

Sounds similar to India, doesn't it?

Where Rama is a myth but Jesus becoming un-dead is not.
Jesus Undead: Lord of Zombies - imgur

In fact from 19th century when church became very strong in Korea, the majority community has faced sustained attacks from the powerful and influential Christian minority.

This trope is re-inforced in South Korean movies and k-dramas where the detective wears a cross, the good doctor has a Cross behind him and emotional scenes are set in church, while the villain is usually a "pagan" or Buddhist. Christians are shown as modern or "cool", while Shindos are shown as village bumpkins or mad people or cheats.

A similar parallel is the benevolent and noble Abdul chacha and the cheat and lecherous Brahmin in Bollywood movies.

In fact South Korean dramas formed an integral part in the Christainization of north-east India, by linking modernity to Christianity and primitiveness to tribalism/native cultures.

K-dramas are to Christianity what Bollywood is to Islam.

On a related note, read this essay on how Japan has steadfastly managed to avoid the Christianization of its population after having correctly assessed the predatory and expansionist nature of Jesus cult.


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