Mainstreaming of violence and gore by the West

Mainstreaming of violence and gore by the West National Geographic
Source: National Geographic
As Prof Vamsee Juluri has very rightly pointed out, what the West has done very successfully, is that it has mainstreamed and "naturalized" violence and gore, through media, National Geographic, natural sciences, Hollywood and so on. I remember my horror as a young boy when I had learnt that we had to dissect a frog to see its beating heart during school biology. That's what the school book prescribed at least. I don't remember ultimately what happened - have blanked it out. Maybe we did not do it.

As a person who grew up eating chicken and meat, I couldn't reconcile the eating with the blood, gore and violence when the hen is killed and skinned and chopped. I felt horrible when the birds squawked as their necks were snapped. So I stopped going to "bazaars" very early. The stench of blood and fish in local markets was overwhelming. A friend pointed out my double standards on this during my MBA.

Watching NatGeo programs of lions killing a deer was not at all "educational" - it used to fill me with disgust and horror. Later in my life I became vegetarian when I realized that eating meat was wholly unnatural at least for me (that doesn't mean I like paneer or snake gourd porial). So also is the violence presented by NatGeo and disguised as "this is nature". It is not the nature of reality.

This mainstreaming of violence and the relish in depicting gore has become so pervasive that news is not news unless it is about some murder, drowning, war, killing, rape and ceaseless violence. Movies and dramas are about serial killers and slashers and kings killing each other. Even in the latest Netflix movie Tau, the AI says "I will inflict pain".

In our shastras, violence has always been treated as a necessary but evil thing - the last resort after everything else fails and when dealing with asuras. It is certainly not natural in the Indic way of life.


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