Population Jihad: The Silent Demographic Explosion

Population Jihad The Silent Killer
10-15 years back when I went to malls, whether #Kolkata, #Delhi or #Mumbai, the percentage of women in full Brukha/ Nakab was 0. Or maybe perhaps less than 1%. Similarly percentage of Arab lookalikes with bade bhai ka kurta and chote bhai ka pajama was also 0.

Today however, if you go to any mall in any metro city, every 3rd or 4th customer is a full #Hijabi. Apart from full potato sack style black coverings, we also see the slightly-colored to multi-colored sack style fashion and head scarves.

In cities like #Hyderabad, they account for almost 40%-50% of total population while in other cities they are nearer to 30% or more.

Leftists/ secularists are quick to jump saying that this demonstrates the "development" and "progress" of so-called minorities. Or does it?

What it demonstrates is a silent demographic explosion on account of a phenomena called "population #jihad". Now before you start saying, "Subhodeep you bigot!", let me clarify that this was term coined by a noted Muslim jurist from Bangladesh, who explains population jihad as a strategy to defeat Hindu kafirs without violence or forced conversions.

And what is the strategy? Reproduce consistently and do so in large numbers. For every 2 Hindu kids per family, a Muslim family with 4 wives and 5 children each will have 20 children. 10x more Muslim children than Hindus.

Next generation 4 Hindu kids and 400 Muslim kids or 100x. And so on.

Obviously the real scenario will be somewhere in between - but Muslim children will still outnumber Hindu children by a factor of 5x.

So you will observe this phenomena only in malls. Why? Because mall is the only "secular" place where both Hindus and Muslim gather together and can potentially observe each other. You will see Hijabi women in black with at least 2 kids. Hindu families typically have 1 child or none. To cater to Hijabis, the ecosystem now allows for more Halal restaurant and Halal certified products.

The effect of this silent demographic warfare will be evident as early as 2030-40, when 50% of all school children will be Muslims.

Nothing wrong with that in general. Except that when they grown up and the older generation dies, they will start becoming majority.

Nothing wrong with that also, except that Islam and democracy are incompatible and in any any Shariah compliant society Hindus will have either no place or at best become third class citizens with minimal rights.

This is the future of India, and no amount of ghar-wapsi or education of Muslim women or Swadeshi Muslim will help prevent this demographic siege. The change will be abrupt, momentous and violent.

There will be massive social upheaval. The result will also be inevitable - we have see it in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal and also in Lebanon.

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  1. Isn't it strange how the very same thing is happening on a different continent but with the very same outcome. What is worse though for Europe is that it is the indigeous people who are literally funding their own replacement. Most Norther and Western European countries have extremely generous welfare benefits,(which is where they seem to aim for) good education and medical treatment so the Muslim women can have as many children as their child bearing years will allow and will never have to pay one penny towards their upkeep. Bets are on to see which European country will be the first to go - Sweden? France? Germany? Holland? Denmark? .


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