What is Tiny Man? And why?

My name is Subhodeep and The Tiny Man is my personal blog. This is not to be confused with an adult site of the same name.

I started blogging earlier, but those guys bought the domain earlier. Hence the confusion.

This is a blog about history and current affairs.

I have two other websites.
a. hoorayforlife.com - On self-improvement, wellness, motivation etc
b. mkerj.com - Personal Finance education (insurance, debt products, shares etc)
c. The Advaitist - Unexplored Facets of Hinduism

What all do I talk about?

I talk about frightening blood-curdling facts; shocking events, agonizing destructive apocalyptic scary shit; greatest hoaxes; frightening perilous and horrific horrendous and horrible things.

I also talk about amazing and staggeringly jaw-dropping facts; unbelievable and spectacular events; sensational uplifting mind-blowing breathtaking shot; courageous, daring and triumphant tales.

If I haven't yet, I shall soon. That is my solemn promise.

Why history and current affairs?

What is current affairs today, becomes history tomorrow. What is history today was current affairs once.

History and current affairs together can help us make the future a better place.

History and current affairs together can also make the future a shitty place.

I am currently for the past many years pursuing an M.A. in History, but am not sure when or if ever I will complete it.


If for some obscure reason you want to contact me or if you have any comments please reach out to me at benny.ya@gmail.com.

The Tiny Man is about History and Current Affairs.

Thank you.


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