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  1. Hi The Tiny Man,

    You seem to be a rare breed altogether and i must say that in my experiences with Bengalis, 99.9% of them would have been critical and languid towards your thought process and ideology. Being a Probashi Kaat Baangaal myself, i have always found Kolkata based Bengalis a funny and mentally underdeveloped breed of languid nincompoops but after reading some of your articles, iam pleasantly surprised by the brevity and clarity of your diction in voicing the concerns of so many of us, the often ignored and forgotten logical Bengalis. I hope that you continue with your mission of spreading the light of logic and reason among the ignorant masses and hope and pray for your success.

  2. Hi Subhadeep,
    You have enunciated the issue very well. This is what I have been -figuratively speaking- screaming about to all my Non-Bengali Indian friends. You have BLUNTLY put to the written word what I have been talking about in heated debates all these years. I want to add the following points to your excellent analysis- let us call them "policy recommendations"-

    1. The ReEmergence of bengali Hindu political power should be organized from the Villages and Small Towns [ and Kolkata should be LEFT ALONE - let TMC-Commie-Jihadi combine bark and fight over it]
    2. The Book by Tathagata Roy " My people uprooted" should be made COMPULSORY reading in ALL high schools of Bengal.
    3. Bengali Hindus should take due COGNIZANCE of the following fact - Entire Western bangladesh was supposed to come to West bengal. Only the Trans Padma tracts were supposed to become Pakistan. However, census tricks by the Anglos and demographic invasion by the Mullahs- caused a huge loss of territory to the Bengali Hindus. Also Chttagram Hill tracts and Sylhet were supposed to go to Hindu Tripura and so to India. Only Mymensingh,Dhaka and Comilla areas were due to become Pakistan. But a combination of backstabbing by Anglos, electoral games by Mullahs and treachery by DHAKA HINDUS caused huge loss of territory to us Bengali Hindus. This should be kept in mind when discussing future foreign policy towards Bangladesh [Banglastan]
    4. We need to start thinking on a realistic economic revival based on a bengal specific model that takes into account the hyper fertile tracts and rich water bodies of Bengal as opposed to the other Indian states. We need to also think about the control of agricultural tracts in Bengal by "poor Muslim" peasants and how to deal with this obvious threat.

    You have done great work. Please keep it up.

  3. The state of Bengal from where the names of Sree Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Yogananda Paramahamsa have emerged should again restamp themselves with the same pride. Joshua project has been very well exposed in your blog. What a shame to these so called followers of Divinity ? Om Shree Durgayai Namah. Great work Subhodeep Da. May Divine Mother shakti keep taking you ahead in Dharma samsthapana.


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